Holden Run to Mt Diablo w/ NorCal Holden Club on February 20, 2016

On Saturday February 20, 2016 morning the Nor-Cal Holden group met at top of Mt Diablo peak in Contra Costa County followed by a lunch caravan to Athens Burgers in Dublin. The weather at the peak was a mix of sun, clouds, and fog.

After an hour or so for meet-n-great we hit the road. The caravan consisted of usual shenanigans, candid photos, reving of motors, and displays of tire tread reduction. Okay tire reduction only by our most senior member. As the day closed we had 16 member cars, 11 Chevy SS’ and 5 Pontiac G8’s in attendance. No 2016 SS’ yet and of the SS’ attending we had no RH2, SLIHR, RPG, AP, PB, or SSB… wonder where these colors are hiding. The next Nor-Cal meet will either be a a picnic at Martinez seashore which across from Port of Benecia or a tour of the Napa wine country. - Russ Rinfret



For more info about their next event email Russ Rinfret @ mail: rjrinfret@gmail.com or ask to be added to their facebook group here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/783918205026821

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