A Record Breaking Chevy SS Sedan Meet!  50 Chevy SS owners unite at Glendora Chevrolet!

Just when you think a record can't be touched, it gets beat!  When planning a meet, you never know how it will turn out.  At our first SS Meet, only 5 SS's showed up in Huntington Beach.  Since then, we have increased our numbers a whopping 10 times to 50 Chevy SS Sedans in Southern California at Glendora Chevrolet!  It was the largest gathering of SS Sedans in the nation so far!

Though this Meet was supposed to start at 10:30 in the morning, there were cars waiting before 9am! By 10:00am I counted 33 cars at the event.  And when this rare Jungle Green SS rolled in -- boy did it turn some heads!

Even the little ones had fun at the Meet!  Do you think I can hire this kid?

Here's another view of the Jungle Green SS.  And below that, check out the SS in Alchemy Purple.  Two rare colored SS's together at the same place, at the same time!  Can you say AHH-MAZING?!

Some of my favorite cars to check out at any Meet are the the Performance Modified ones.  This Perfect Blue SS owned by Tiana Web of Accelerated Racing Solutions is a Monster with Nitrous and runs 10.99 in the quarter mile @ 125 mph!


Another modified one owned by Kelsey, otherwise know as thatwhitess.

And check out Brian Bethany's Silver Ice Metallic SS.  Sweet!  Under that Maverick Man Carbon Hood is a Supercharged TVS-2300 putting down 587 RWHP!

One thing I love about Car Meets is that cars and people come from unexpected places.  Although this Meet was geared to Southern California locals, we had SS owners from Northern Cal and Las Vegas attend the event.  Mark Keil and Denise VItale Stuart came down from the NorCal Holden Club.  And making the trek from Las Vegas, were Mario and Amanda Baratta, with their car known as the Mad Detail SS sitting on Maverick Man Carbon Coilovers!

However, the person who won the Longest Distance Traveled Award was Bill Holden (yes Holden) who came all the way from Virginia!  Crazy! Thanks for joining us Bill!

Another great thing about Meets is seeing everyone's unique SS style.  Each car has its own little personal touches. Check out the cool custom headlights on this SS owned by Kalveer Bhullar. 

Another SS detail I noticed was this red SS badge. I know it doesn't look like much, but when I spoke to the owner he said he got it off a late model Monte Carlo SS.  I dunno, I thought it was kind of cool!

Also, this event was THE LOWest I have seen at an SS Meet -- EVER!  What I mean by that was there were quite a few lowered SS's.  Usually I'm the lone slammed SS at most Meets, but this time around, it was the total opposite!

Here's a picture of one of the first lowered cars to roll into the meet on Maverick Man Carbon Coilovers!

Khalid Muhammad's Some Like It Hot Red SS is my car's fraternal twin, sporting the same Yokohama AVS F50 Wheels as my car, wearing a different shade of red!

I loved this slammed Silver Ice Metallic SS owned by Scott Johnson!

Charles Manalo's low SS won Manager's Choice Award.  Take a guess why... It won because the Manager of the dealership liked the Maverick Man Carbon Lip on his car! Gotta love that! lol!

And last but not least Art Burgess' blacked out and dropped SS!

Besides the cars, one of the highlights of the Meet was the raffle. Every SS owner that attended received a complementary goodie bag like this.

Each bag had a raffle ticket good for a chance to win some great prizes like a Free Performance Tune at Accelerated Racing Solutions...

cool embroidered Chevy / Holden SS Hats...

LED replacement housings for your Chevy SS license plate and much more!

The Grand Prize was a set of MST Wheels!!!

And let's not forget about the other cars!  As usual, we are always open to having the SS's older brothers and sisters come out to our events like this G8 and these two GTOs.

We even had a new blown 6th Gen Camaro show up owned by Jessika Joy.

Overall I was very excited with this huge turn out!  It's always great to put the faces of the owners together with the cars that you befriend over social media.

Here is some great video coverage of the event put together by A. Cywan Photography

I would like to thank all of you who came out and all those who helped!  I also want to thank the sponsors for being part of the raffle: Falken Tire, Mothers Polish, MST Wheels, Accelerated Racing Solutions, Chevy High Performance and MotorTrend On Demand.  Last but not least, a great big shout out to Glendora Chevrolet and their Team.  Thank you for letting us have this event at your awesome dealership and going out of your way to cater to us!


So until the next the time I bid you "What kind of car is that?" farewell! ;)

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