The Biggest Chevy SS, G8 and GTO Autocrossing at SoCal SS's Meet #8
Yes!  Here is your coverage from SoCal SS’s meet #8!
This time around we wanted to do something a little different. Instead of standing around in a parking lot talking about cars, we teamed up with Pure Track, a local Autocross event.  It was great to see people who never Auto-Crossed before get their chance!
Located at the famous Anaheim Stadium,  home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. 
This was piggy backed off one of PureTrack's current events with many other cars.  SoCal SS dominated the parking lot with Chevy SSs, G8s, Trailblazer SSs and GTOs.  SS after SS after G8 after GTO just kept coming in, making it one of the largest meets on the West Coast once again!
Those Ace Alloy Wheels in black chrome look killer on Nightfall Gray!
Those taillights doe!
Long Live the Manual Transmission "17SS MT"
There were many first timers that showed up, like the crew from Team SS who brought out some Trailblazers SS.
and check out this color on this AWD TBSS! so in love!
Nor Cal Holden also showed up with a good presence as they always do. We are always thankful for their support!
We had a few rare colors show up too! Like this Jungle Green
 and this Regal Peacock Green!
and who can't love Kahild's ride with color matched Holden badges!
The popular LSA swaps were all over! This one sat nicely in a G8.
How about an SS from Baja California!  We can say we are World Wide now! lol!
Hey, who let the Camaro in? j/k
Who can't love match painted SS Roto-Fab aluminum engine covers!
SS WHAT? Malibu?

 ...and because the SS is a sleeper ZZZZZ!

Who can't love this super clean GXP!
and even better check out that Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler!
I need one of these umbrellas!
How about double the Maverick Man carbon trouble. #maverickmancarbonspoilers
Oh, and isn't this Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood so perfect? Ha Ha, get it? Perfect Blue!
This one was hiding a HUGE displacement Harrop Super Charger under the hood! Or should I say bonnet since it's a "Holden"
A meet is one of the best places to check out wheels for your car.  For example, an SS meet isn't a meet without an SS with Camaro wheels!
You can't forget about those Flow Formed Ace Alloys!
Can't go wrong with "V" wheels!
Those XXR 559 Slingshot Wheels... probably the best looking wheel at the best price ever!
Who can't forget about CCWs.
and of course the Maverick Man Carbon SS was out for the first time sporting the new exclusive Forged Titan7 wheels for the SS.
Titan7 themselves also came out to support the event!
and then there was the Autocross!
These guys were lined up ready to rock and roll!
You can be fast, but if you can't stop, that means nothing in Autocross. Check out those huge Baer Brakes on this G8!
It's no fun to Autocross solo. It's better with three!!
Got Wing?
Girls just wanna have fun in their SS too!
And how about those awesome photos supplied to us by PureTrack?
There are also many first timers on the autocross and they loved it!
Michael Adams said...
"I thought it was a good meet and well organized. I think it would've been a little better with some “cool down” time between runs. It was back to back 15 runs and i was scrambling to make changes/adjustments to my suspension. It was cool to get that many runs in though..."


Arthur Burgess said...
"As far as the AutoX, I thought it was a great idea, and think we should do it again! I had a blast, it was nice to actually push my car to see what it’s capabilities are. I’m really impressed with it!"

Brandon Tucker said...
“The auto cross SS meetup event that Maverick Man setup was awesome, they even let my son ride along for a few laps, we had a blast. The track setup was good, and it was really nice to take the ol’beast out for a thrashing to see what she could do!"
Check out those smiles for miles! Priceless!
And you HAVE to watch this video!



Autocross veterans like Rich O’Conner said...

"It’s an excellent opportunity to learn car control and really open your car up in a safe and fun environment. I love the competitive aspect of racing for best times against friends. It’s a drivers race rather if you’re in a Honda or Z06."

and Jesus Perez, who said...
"This was actually my 3rd time. One in San Diego, another in Fontana, and the one at the SS meet.  I need a lot more seat time! lol!  To those of us that have competition in our blood, participating in an Auto-X event like this embodies what we seek. I had a blast!"
Though not everyone participated in the Autocross evebtm there were many spectators that enjoyed watching it.  Some who did not do it said they would try it next time for sure. And those who did said they would definitely do it again! I even heard someone say this is 10xs better then drag racing!
It's always great to hear feedback from people at the meet and it is always an encouragement to see more cars come out each and every time.  I don't even count how many cars come in anymore because these meets are just so large now! 
Thanks to those who made it out and look forward to seeing you at Meet Number #9 on June 1st in Chino Hills at Ace Alloy Wheels.  INFO HERE
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