Goat Run 2017 The Largest Gathering of Holdens on the West Coast!

What is GOATRUN? Starting in 2007, when the GTO was the only Holden import to be had stateside, GOATRUN was started as an annual pilgrimage to City of Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada where GTO/Holden owners would travel far and wide for a weekend of shenanigans, fun, and all around muscle car amusement!  Over the years many GTO owners moved on to the Pontiac G8 or a Chevy SS. The run always had G8's and SS's and the attendance for those just got larger ever year. There are still many GTOs that attend but the variety of Holdens have grown larger over the years.

So it was time for the annual gathering of Holden enthusiasts for 3 days of fun in Sin City, Las Vegas almost a year ago in 2017.

Many came from all over the West Coast.  You would think that since it was in Las Vegas the biggest attendees would be from Nevada. But it wasn't. The biggest attendees were from Northern California and Southern California.

Personally, for the last 9 years, I have met up with the SoCal Goat Club, now the SoCal Holden Club, each year in Fontana prior to leaving for Las Vegas to GoatRun. It's usually a short hour gathering before hitting the road to Las Vegas. It is always a pleasure to be there!

This year Karo Mahdessian from SoCal Goat Club trailered in his '05 Goat with a Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood.  At that time there was only a handful of these cowls out there.

Gotta love that matching Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler and Diffuser too!

Goat Run brings all ages out, including the youngest ever to attend! Baby Paulus!

It is always nice to check out some of the cars before the actual meet.

After the brief meet, they went down the 15 fwy keeping under the speed limit all the way. Right guys? 

NorCal Goat Club was already on their way, leaving at the crack of dawn.


After a long drive, we finally meet!



The Friday night Meet N’ Greet kicked off the start of GoatRun 2017. Here's where everyone gathered for the first time to hang out and check out the other participants. Registration packages were handed out for the first time and plans were made for evening debauchery. The Meet N’ Greet is a great event for first timers and seasoned vets to come together and make the event worthwhile. Keep an eye out for the local Las Vegas crowd who always shows up in force to this event.

The next day, at the crack of dawn, more cars came from SoCal SS. We did our annual One Day Trek and back. Yes, you heard that right! Many that either work, have family, or other engagements come out just for the one day on Saturday.

We leave at while it's still dark and meet where we pay homage to the Gas God!

Wait is that Blue Tape? It sure is. What would a long distance trip be without Blue Tape!

Pee break!

Remembering those who lost their lives.

After arriving in Las Vegas, we arrived just in time for the the biggest event of the weekend! This was, undoubtedly, the Show N’ Shine.

Saturday morning everyone polished their cars to ultimate perfection.
And staged them to be judged by a jury of their own peers.
Truth Spoken! lol!
Got Twins? He does!
 And yes there is more then just cars.... there are crazy people too! :P
How many times have you been to Goat Run? Michael Adams has gone 7 Times!
Parts for sale? Bring them to Goat un!
Always good to see a rare Cosmos!
You don't see chrome 17s too often do you?
Kurt Thorson's Wheels on his G8 are always a head turner. Gotta love those center caps!
How about those new Mickey Thompsons? Nothing like nipples!
Not only was the Pontiac G8 Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood debuted at Goat Run 2017, but the new Chevy SS Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood was too!
IMO one of the cleanest GTOs out there. you could eat off this Impulse Blue!
How to bring your kid up right.
Who can't love Some Like It Hot Red? Well Kahlid Muhammad's SLIHR was HOT for sure!
I mean, how could you NOT like a Maverick Man Carbon Lip coated in Candy Red Clear?
Winners in each category received trophies and prizes from Goat Run sponsors. Congrats to those who won!
Nathan Tejeda took away 3 Trophies this time around with his wrapped G8.  This one is a stunner in person!
Which was lowered on Maverick Man Carbon Coilovers and sported tons of other Maverick Man Carbon Goodies like these billet under the hood billet parts!
Personally I thought this car should have took Best of Show.  "BIG HOOD" For the WIN! lol!
After the awards ceremony there was a raffle and exhaust competition to round out the event. Thousands of dollars in swag were raffled off to the luckiest of participants who carried the matching ticket.
Sunday morning, bright and early, marked the start of the final day of GoatRun 2017. The herd headed out to Red Rock Canyon State Park and took in the desert sights.

Wait... what? A few vettes coming for a tag along!

 This caravan ruled the road with over 70 cars marching single file through picturesque canyon views.

Brad Paulus was the first to sport the debut of the Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood for the Pontiac G8.


Nathaniel Cason took some great shots out at Red Rock. Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram @nacho_photoss

The cruise was followed by the return of the GoatRun Dyno Day! Participants gathered round as car after car got strapped to the rollers to compete for highest Horsepower and Torque.

David Hopkins LSA powered SS on the Dyno

and Anthony Pinto's Digi-Goat.

Winners for both the Naturally Aspirated and Forced Induction categories received a high praise, as well as a trophy for their pavement pounding numbers.

And that was it folks!
So long Las Vegas... until the next HOLDEN Run! And yes its called HOLDEN RUN now!  Which actually is only one week away!  Better be there because I don't wanna hear TFTI! lol!


Thanks to the Staff of Goat Run for making all of this possible.

Thanks to the contributing photographers Nathaniel Cason, Ken Delost, Kevin Ocha, Vincent Moncada, Anthony Pinto, Kat Autrey, Jon Maier and anyone else that i did not mention!

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