OHIO GTO • G8 • TA Owners Indian Lake Meet - July 29, 2018

Come out and enjoy the cars with Ohio GTO • G8 • T/A Owners this July 29th 2018!

Located at Oldfield Beach, Indian Lake Ohio. This facility has great views and perfect for cruising around the lake for some great photo opportunities!

A great family event and activities for the kids!  Swimming, Fishing, Parks, Walking and Biking Trails!! Anyone is more than welcome to join them. The organizers do ask if you do not bring a GTO, G8 or T/A they ask not to park within group but to park separate.  You will be directed by one of the members for parking. That being said you can bring other LSX cars and park separate to the Ohio GTO • G8 • T/A Group.  As like any meet they ask that you respect the lot and others around you. This is a park so more than likely may be kids and others around so please be respectful and careful pulling in. 

We hope that anyone out there in this local area will be able to be there! 

If there are any questions feel free PM Brandon Newsom on Facebook or text him at 614-348-5452.


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