When SoCal SS Sedan onwers unite for the 7th time it only gets bigger!

I remember when there was only the car show and the word "Meet" for cars wasn't even in existence. Enthusiasts needed to attend a car show to find what new car shows were coming about in that area.  Like all things, times have changed.  Nowadays, with social media, you can just post a car show or meet online and BAM you have people show up!  

For those few who remember, our first meet was arranged on a forum about 4 years ago.  Only 5 SS's showed up, but it was great to see people you only talked to on the internet. 

Fast forward to April 30, 2017, Meet #7, hosted at Simi Valley Chevrolet.  We had 58 SS's rolling in, topping the previous Meet #6 by 8 cars.  What a great turn out! 

Prior to the meet many owners met in San Dimas, California and caravanned all the way up to Simi Valley.  Alex from Cywan Photography was kind enough to get a few rolling shots of some cars in the caravan.

We even had Jessika Joy who works at Simi Valley Chevrolet drive her new 6th Gen Camaro 67 miles south just to meet us in San Dimas and lead us to the dealership.

....and yes they were speeding. Busted!

Before the caravan even got to Simi Valley Chevrolet there were already SS's there lined up to get in and parked in unison with chairs out and all.

As usual, some of the regulars came out to the meet, like Khalid Muhammad's stand out 2015 Some Like It Hot Red SS with super rare Yokohama AVS F50s on it.

And Arthur Burgess' 2014 Black SS of course.  Check out that sweet Maverick Man Carbon Front Lip dropped on Eibach Springs.  He's been coming since Meet #1

 Jorge Bermudez also has been a regular attendee to these meets...

...and his SS isn't to hard to spot with this plate. Say what? :P

Dane Ferrari-Esias  always makes it out, and this time he upgraded his GTO to this new SS. You got to love those OEM wheels in that color.

When this meet was held it was also the time when the new colors were coming out for the SS.  We got to see a few of them in person!

Like this Orange Blast...

 and this Peacock Green...

...with this little surprise under the hood. This one hardly had any miles on the car.  Now that's devotion for speed!

Since many owners of Chevy SS's came from the Pontiac GTO or Pontiac G8, we always have to make sure that we invite them too!

Nathaniel Cason drove his G8 all the way out from Las Vegas to join us!

Anthony Pinto is another regular that usually shows up with his GTO... someone told me it was parked in this location here... but I didn't see anything. :P

Michael Adams always makes it out in his super clean blown GTO!  Guess how long it takes to polish those CCWs?

And who can't like Impulse Metallic Blue on a GTO!

We even had one Camaro show up with this crazy wrap and lambo doors.

And since we are on the topic of wild colors. Mario Baratta from Mad House Detail brought out once again this eye catcher dropped on Maverick Man Carbon Coilovers!  You want to talk about braking necks, well this SS will do it!

 And how about these two colors together? Now that's a Hot Blast! :P

Throughout the day we had some great raffles called out by a long time Maverick Man Carbon Girl Alicia Whitten.

Mothers Polish gave away a few detailing kits and Mothers wash buckets filled with goodies!

Ace Allow Wheels gave away a set of their new 06 Flow Formed Wheels

 K&N Filters gave away an Intake for the SS as well as some sweet swag!

Accelerated Racing Solutions gave away a Free Tune for one lucky SS onwer!

Auto Meter gave out a new DashLink device, which is a unit that plugs into your OBD2 and makes it so you can monitor your SS's water temperature, oil pressure, fuel, torque, timing and much more!

And last but not least, one of my favorite tire brands, Falken Tire for a ton of swag!

The overall turn out was better then expected and it is always good to see so many rare cars in one place at the same time.

and who ever took this shot here was supposedly taking a photo of these SS's with hoods their open.  but at the same time nonchalantly taking a photo of Alicia Whitten in the photo. Sneaky sneaky I caught you! lol! 

I want to thank each and every sponsor that supported us for this meet and last but not least I want to thank Laura Duvall and the team at Simi Valley Chevrolet for hosting the meet.  We appreciate your support for the Chevy SS Sedan!

Meets are always great places to interact with people that have the same interests as you. So until next time someone asks you... "SS What?" keep it clean, fast and see you at Meet #8 on June 9th 2018 which should be larger then ever!

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