Chevy SS DRL Harness Install Instructions

Thanks to customer Russ Rifret he was kind enough to do this step by step install with photos for us.

He states "Overall I am quite happy with the DIY kit and fact that no wire have to be cut, spliced, or permanently modified in any way."

Here’s what the harness looks like. It’s a OEM 16 pin male/female connectors with a Add-a-Fuse attached.

To install you need to raise front of your SS and remove the right front wheel. After the wheel is off, crank steering full lock to right side. Remove the lower 7ea Torx TX15 screws that attach the inner fender cover and gently peel back to expose the works behind the bumper.

Locate the DRL to headlight connector with the red locking tab. It’s just above the DRL assembly toward center of the car.

After releasing the locking tab and separating the halves of the connector, then insert the Gen 5 DIY SS-DRL harness in place, and lock the red tabs on both portions.  (we would like to add that you must PULL DOWN the red tab THEN PUSH DOWN on the red tab and PULL at the same time to release the harness)

Route the Add-a-Fuse lead along the lower portion of the radiator overflow and up to the side of the fuse panel. I attached a tie wrap at the overflow mount to secure the wire. Remove your fuse cover, route the Add-a-Fuse wire near the top edge under the locking handle. The fuse cover will need a small notch to allow the wire to pass through. Locate 15A fuse #51, ECM INJ ODD and remove, install the Add-a-Fuse at this location.

Button things up, put the wheel back on (torque to 140#) and test it out...

the harness will allow DRL's only, just like stock OR DRL's + headlights and my personal favorite, DRL's + parking lights + fogs



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Would this harness allow the led fog to stayou bright with park and headlights on on my 2016 which only last led for drl and fog

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