Chevy SS LED License Plate Light Install Instructions

Thanks to customer Trey Westerhoff who was kind enough to do this step by step install with photos for us.


First disconnect your battery just to be safe. Then take a screw driver or ideally a plastic trim tool and pry down on left side (this side doesn't have a clip).

It just pulls down

Slide housing to the left which will unhook the locking tab on the right side of the housing.

Then just pull the housing down and back to the right and it will slide out.

Release the locking tab for the light harness.

Twist the bulb holder counter clockwise and pull it out from the housing.

Pull the bulb out and plug the new harness in its place with the resistor.  

 What a difference!

Now just push them back in clip side in first and repeat on the other side and your done!

Now your friends can be jealous when yours looks like this (left and your buddies don't) :P 


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