2024 Cadillac Celestiq better then your V?

Taking the supposed place the short lived CT6 and the place of any Blackwing power plant with Ultium battery Modules. This hand assembled Cadillac (yes you heard that right, hand assembled) will have a production target of 400 units per year (which actually is more units them some V models in certain years) and will have an aluminum space frame and feature 3D printed parts from polymer. We saw this 3D theme in the newer Vs and it seems GM is going to follow this path.

Aesthetically it's not a bad looking car.  We'd say its better looking then the CT5 Blackwing to be honest.  Will it be faster then the V's? Probably, like any newer high priced electric car with massive amounts of torque.  Rumors are it will have TWO Permanent-magnet electric rated at 315-hp motors each with 400-lbs of torque for a total of 800-lb-ft.  Will that be enough to take on your CTS-V or CT5 Blackwing? Weighing in as much as a Sparkletts truck at 6000 pounds, we think the V will have a pretty good chance in our opinion. 

According to some news flashes out there, production is supposed to start in late 2023. However we doubt that will happen since GM can't even get us a new Cadillac without waiting 9-12 months for a new 2022!  Chip shortages, Inflation and lack of workers will cause this pipe dream to be delayed for sure!

Lastly how much will this 3 ton Cadillac set you back?  $300,000 dollars or more!  I think we have our final answer if the Celestiq is better then your V. 

We'll take our ATS-V along with a V3, V2 Wagon and a CT5 Blackwing instead! 



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