9 Things People Think They Saw That Nobody Else Did.

You've seen "The post on social media" where the guy says "Did you see the GTO in... or the G8 in...?   Yes we all have seen it!  Now don't get your panties in a bunch, here we go again.  Did you see the... 

Pontiac G8 in Marvel's Winter Solider

Though Thor and Loki might be interested in Natasha Romanoff’s Rearend....

We know we all were checking out the G8 in the Winter Solider instead!

See the Black Widow in action while she lets this poor G8 (a GXP at that!) get rattle with bullets here:


Pontiac GTO on Fire

Yes we've seen this too.  One of the most famous photos of a GTO on fire!  And yes your GTO can catch on fire!  This was due to the lovely useless "GTO" Engine Covers on your LS.  The driver side cover tends to rubs against the fuel line and eventually starts to cut though like this:

Then causing it to spray fuel all over the place making your GTO one hot Pontiac! So swap your fuel line out for one of these HERE <- shameless plug 

before it ends up like this!


Pontiac GTOs Destroyed in Transformers

Yes we saw it. Yes they saw it. And Yes we are mad they destroyed them! 

See the carnage again in the clips below:


Rumor says these were not fully complete GTOs and just shells with nothing in them. So lower your testosterone you keyboard warrior, they were just movie props. 


Pontiac GTO in a Movie called The Last Ride

B movie? More like P movie!  Lets just call it an advertisement for the Pontiac GTO with Dennis Hopper. 

There is no real reason to watch this movie unless you liked the Fall Guy in the 1980's.  Because the best thing about the movie can be seen right here:

And there you go, a 59% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.  We know all at least half of them were Pontiac GTO Fans trying to get the score up! 

If you are still desperate to see it you can buy it here on Amazon.


Pontiac G8 and Gina Carano

Gina Carano might have been "Canceled" by Disney from the Mandalorin, but before that, she was an female MMA fighter undefeated with 7 wins under her belt before she was defeated. That may not sound like big deal but this was before the UFC officially accepting female fighters like Ronda Rousey.  She can be often credited as the beginning of women in competitive fighting when it started be taken as a serious sport.   At the height of her career she was named as a Maxim Magazine sponsored by Pontiac! Yes Pontiac! Now there was not one word about the G8 but it could be seen clear as day in Ginas interviews.


Not to mention the Pontiac Posters they had with Gina and the GXP G8!


Pontiac G8 and 50 Cent 

Another "great idea" by GM's marketing team at a horrible attempt at reaching the urban market. You know let's get someone who has no idea about the car, to talk about it. As we can see here in this video below:

We can see and hear at the 1:30 sec mark, 50 Cent doesn't even know the horsepower for the GXP.  He says unsure like; "this car right here actually has 400 [pause] horsepower..." which we all know it has 415 horsepower not 400.  We can even hear the cringe in the other presenters voice as he guides 50 Cent along praying he doesn't screw up. 

Months later we see 50 featured in a Ciara - Can't leave 'Em Alone music video standing next to a G8 GT.

Along with a some subliminal Pontiac Marketing "Designed For Action" more like Pontiac, Designed For Being Killed Off which happened a few months later! 

But really no one really cared about the G8 because really, all your looking at is Ciara lol! [wipes drool from mouth]

Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

So why did GM think this was a good idea?  In 2007 to 2008 Chrysler dominated the urban market and sold over 180,000 cars just within two years.  GM wanted that same market so they payed 50 Cent.  But little did they know the 300 was designed by what people would call "Chrysler's youthful top designer" Ralph V. Gilles. Gilles new the youth market and the differences between what old farts at GM thought what was cool.  Gilles knew for a "... fact that you can put wheels on the 300 appeals to a younger market,” said Gilles. The flexibility of the design, its oversized wheels he knew that is what that market needed. AND IT WORKED!  For the G8 not so much.  

Given you see a few down and dirty 8s in Carolina, but they no where number the amount of 300 done up to define the "urban market".  


That Chevy SS Pace Car that caught fire!

Nothing like trying to debut your new Chevy SS at a Nascar Race in front of thousands of people and on national TV. 

The 2014 Chevy SS was the Pace Car on a Saturdays nights Nascar Race at Daytona National Speedway.  When driver Brett Bodine was on the track, the SS caught fire and suddenly filled the cabin with smoke.

Chevrolet later followed up with a statement;

“The pace car experienced a fire in the trunk area, which contains a purpose-built auxiliary electrical kit to operate the numerous caution lights during the race,” the statement read. “The pace car driver and passenger safely exited the vehicle. An assessment is underway.”

Thankfully it wasn't any fought of the SS. I mean that would be bad right? That would almost be as bad as the electric steering going out on your SS, or the air bag being faulty, or wiring coming unraveled and wrapping around your axle, or leaky water dripping on your floor or the seat belt tensioner not working. Just saying. lol! 


The Train Crash

On April 14, 2005 in Blairstown, Iowa, A train traffic on a major coast-to-coast freight line was in an accident on a Wednesday afternoon while stopped. The derailment happened about 1:45 p.m. when an eastbound Union Pacific coal train was stopped for traffic near Blairstown and another train hit it from behind, railroad officials said. It derailed 11 cars, injuring one crew member.

The train that was rear-ended was carrying 2005 Pontiac GTOs, causing many if not all of the brand new GTO's to be damaged. Four out of the five derailed railcars were carrying cars. How do we know they were GTOs? 

If those aren't a Impulse Blue Metallic, Phantom Black Metallic and Cyclone Grey Metallic GTO, you better get your eyes fixed. 

This second photo shows another Impulse Blue Metallic, Two Quicksliver Metallic's and a Yellow Jacket. A sad day for sure! 

How many GTO didn't make it? We really don't know but what we do know, we already know this happened. lol 


Chevy SS In CHiPs 

We've see the real shootouts in a Chevy SS HERE.  But when Hollywood does it they put the Chevy SS in the opening scene to CHiPs the movie.  

But like every Hollywood movie they tend switch things up thinking the audience won't "notice".  In which... yes... every Chevy SS enthusiast noticed they burnt down a Chevy Malibu instead of a SS which proves the Chevy SS is just a Malibu.  lol! 

Check out the side vent though! Tricky, Tricky, Tricky lol! 


So did we see the GTO in Transformers? Yes! Did we see the Chevy SS and GTO on fire? Is the Black Widow Hot? She can ride in my G8 anyday!  AND YES we did see it all!  I know, we all know and we saw all of it!  You can stop posting now! 

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