Pontiac GTO Fatality Crash

If you've been an owner of a GTO you know how easy it is to get this car loose!  Unfortunately when you mix the GTO with rain it sometimes can get really nasty. 

According to Channel 9 OKC OWN on May 2nd on Northwest 10 just west of County Line Road and Mustang Plane Road, a Black Pontiac GTO Hydroplaned and spun into on coming lanes and was T-boned by a White Chevy Malibu.  

The Pontiac GTO was occupied by a Father (Van) Mother (Desirea Fonte) and Small Baby (Eli). Unfortunately the Father Van died at the scene.  Desirea is stable, her baby Eli is in critical condition.

Our prayers go out to Desirea and for Baby Eli.

A GoFund me page has been created on behalf of the family here: 


You are not obligated to donate but we are sure the family would appreciate it! 

We ask to be considerate and Don't be this guy here:

Drive safe out there!

Source: https://bit.ly/3yezU4b

Gto fatality crash

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