Arrest made for Death of 24 year old woman during Christmas Day in Los Angeles Street Takeover

We seen videos of people getting wacked like a bowling pins at street takeovers...


Ran over and getting back up and walking away like that had a 6 pack of 40s while loosing their shoes...



Or running their car up into a curb where bystanders are, only for a pole to save them from getting hit...



Those people are lucky and should count their blessings. 

However It was only a matter of time until a bystander got hit and died at the scene. 24 year old Elyzza Guajaca,


A nursing student and according to her brother loved the "Car Scene" was fatally struck by Dante Chapple-Young, of Orange County know as @tatteddass_legitt on instagram.

Young's arrest was made in connection with the death

while driving one of three Camaros he allegedly owned which was a 2011 Black 2SS Camaro that was involved at the street takeover incident.

The incident occurred around 9 p.m. Dec. 25 Christmas day at the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Florence Avenue in Los Angeles CA.

Police said Elyzza Guajaca was standing with a group of people on the northeast corner of the intersection when she was struck by a black 2011 Chevrolet Camaro that was doing "doughnuts" during the street takeover.  As seen in the below video and LINK

New video shows suspect, aftermath of deadly South L.A. street takeover; reward offered

Sadly Elyzza Guajaca died at a hospital. Dante T. Chapple Young the driver of the Camaro abandoned the vehicle and walked away from the scene, police said. Police had the Camaro in their possession the next day.

"Pretty much from the beginning we had some momentum," said LAPD detective Ryan Moreno. "There was a lot of coverage of what was happening. We started receiving tips from the public." with a $500,000 reward, "By mid-week we had a person of interest."

"This person was on the run, didn't want to be caught," detective Ryan Moreno said. "He was on a journey with a lot of traveling to get away."

"Some of the tactics to evade capture, it was like watching a movie."

The detective did not provide details, but said the Danate T. Chapple-Young was tracked down outside of Albuquerque.

Detective Ryan Moreno told reporters in December that the department is doing what it can to crack down on street takeovers, and would like to see people face harsher penalties and stated “I know one thing we're trying to do is trying to mirror some other cities where they take cars and they crush the cars, the cars are gone,”



Moreno said. ``Right now our thing is we do the 30-day thing, take them for 30 days. And it is affecting it somewhat, but there's a lot, a lot going on, it's a lot. You guys see it's pretty widespread, a lot of people involved. On this night, there was probably I would say close to 200 folks, if not more, in the intersection.''

Some might say that this these types of take overs only happen in sunny California however it's not true. This type of hooning takes place all over the country in local intersections.  Just a few days ago on Jan 22nd another Camaro in Ft Worth, TX rolled over during a street takeover and killed two! 

Though we do not support these kinds of shenanigans or the people that even watch these events on the streets, we do ask to help support the family at their loss of their loved one here:

Put my beautiful Sister to rest.

Elyzza brother states on the gofundme page:

"Hi, my name is Louie guajaca brother of Elyzza guajaca. I am creating this go fund me for my sister who was struck by a car and was pronounced deceased at the hospital.
My sister was an aunty to my beautiful girls who loved her so much!! She was a beautiful sister who loved big! She was a daughter who always wanted to be with us and always around and have family time. She was the rock to our family.  She was just a good, goofy, funny, outgoing person. She loved all her close friends and family! Please guys if you guys can donate anything will help."


Our prayers and thoughts are with their family and friends.  We are sure no parent would want to deal with the death of their child over any tragedy. Especially one that could have been prevented. 


The LAPD and news outlets are encouraging anyone with any information on this tragedy was urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477. Tipsters may also visit and click on “Anonymous Web Tips” under the “Get Involved-Crime Stoppers” menu to submit an online tip.

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