Fort Worth, TX Police Investigating Two Deaths in a Camaro Rollover during Street Takeover

The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating a double fatality accident that occurred this past weekend Sunday Jan 22nd in the evening near the intersection of White Settlement Road and University Drive.

At just past 11 pm, Fort Worth FD and PD along with MedStar EMS responded to the location and located an overturned vehicle. The driver and a passenger were pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics.

Fort Worth police say the vehicle was involved in a street takeover racing event on University Drive near W. 7th Street and White Settlement Road. An officer responding to disperse the vehicles briefly activated his emergency lights, prompting the driver of the vehicle to flee.  Police did not chase the vehicle but later saw a “bright flash on the traffic circle on White Settlement.

Officers said the Camaro had gone airborne and struck the transformer of a power pole and ended up upside down.  

The driver and passenger in the vehicle died in the collision, police said. Two other passengers were pinned inside the overturned, burning vehicle, but were pulled out by officers.  

This isn't the first time a Camaro has been involved with a death during a street take over. During Christmas Day a 24 year old woman was stuck by a Camaro during another street takeover in Los Angeles California. 

It's obvious the driver lost control trying to and crashed while fleeing from the event.

The identities have not been released.

The crash remains under investigation.

News station Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Wroth reported it here:

Moral of the story don't do stupid things! 

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