Vicariously at Holley LS Fest East 2022

What was at Holley LS Fest East 2022?  We cannot say personally what we saw since we stuck back at home doing what we do. ;)  However we did collaborate a number of images of vehicles that were proudly sporting Maverick Man Carbon Product as well as some other related love for the GTO, G8, SS and other relevant gas guzzling transportation at LS Fest!

One of the first ones that caught our eye was this 2008 Pontiac G8 with a Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood on it own by Skyler Nissley who goes by @thumper_08g8 on Instagram.

Skyler said" Overall a great weekend other then the rain. Still made the best of it. Got too meet a lot of new people. The best pass at LS fest was 10.79 it was crazy hot and humid witch really effects a NA car... The car is full Full interior. It’s around 3800 lb with me in it. It’s a 14 to 1 compression 6.0 LS Frankenstein heads, RCR cam and converter. It has a Aeromotive fuel cell with a 5 gallon a min pump. I race the car on VP M5 (methanol) and then street drive the car on e85.  Got all the test and tunes out of the way and made a qualifying pass for street king and the rain set in and shut everything down.  Ended the weekend with the car driving on the trailer under its own power so that’s a win in my book."


Another eye catcher was @emilyjoy_ls6.0 aka Emily Forgey's Red Riding Hood G8!

Emily said "I ran the 10.50 warrior class and started off with a 10.502 and a 10.505 in time trials. Even we were shocked! Lol but we were confident in the car and so stoked to see how it turned out."

"Saturday night we ran our qualifying pass and I pushed through the breaks and ended up with a 1.58 60’ and a 10.63 time. Not great but still not far off and we knew what went wrong.

Sunday got rained out so we didn’t get to run eliminations and we were super bummed! But knowing she’s consistent and right on the money makes me proud!
Getting to spend all weekend with best friends we don’t get to see often enough was the icing on the cake. I love these people so much and I’m so happy we get to do what we all love together!"

If you think you have seen Emily's G8 before on the website. You're right, find out more about it HERE


Now if you missed this Pontiac GTO then you must have been hidden under some rock! Or maybe this GTO just belongs in another world in a city called Bartertown driven by Max Max himself.

Jason Sperle who goes by @hybred_757 on Instagram is the guy who owns this GTO and can be often spotted with it at post-apocalyptic events like Wasteland Weekend but this week he decided to bring it out to LS Fest East!  However on the way home he said they were doing some some rolling shots and "I ran out of gas. Gauge didn’t work so I couldn’t tell how much I had. We were having issues with filling at the pumps as the vent tube was too small and not allowing the pump nozzle to function properly. So we had planned for this and brought 15 extra gallons with us. Stay prepared!"  I guess being ready for the apocalypse always helps!   

Stay tuned for a feature on this Bartertown beast! 


Some other note worthy rides:

@boostedzack 's G8 sporting a Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler.

@zajac_design_life 's IBM Pontiac GTO with a great looking stance and front splitter making it a family affair. 

 @6.slowgoat 's GTO with a Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood.

Heather Johnson's aka @stoned_g8 's Wrapped G8 who sits on Maverick Man Carbon Coilovers. See more of it HERE

 And then there were those that were spotted by others here:








And last but not least spotted at LS Fest east.... They call her the G8 Queen!  Debuting her Pontiac G8 with a new look and with a Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Hood to lighten the front of her G8 up by 20+ lbs! 

Lexx known on Instagram as @xox_misslexx said "It wouldn’t be Holley LS Fest without some rough weather & having to fix my car but what makes it one of my favorite events is the people we get to do it with. We met a lot of our internet friends, there was a great G8/SS/PPV presence at the track & there were 4 G8’s that put down 8 second passes at this years event! 

We made the 1,100 mile drive to Bowling Green, KY with a car that still hadn’t made a full pass yet this year after many changes to the set up. Friday started off rough as it was hot, humid & my car just wanted to blow the tires off at the line. We had boost coming in too quickly & the rear fenders were sitting down on tires & unloading the suspension....

... Saturday morning I was finally able to make my first clean A-B pass of the year & ran an 8.43 @ 168mph! I later backed it up with my only other pass of the day with an 8.46 @ 168mph. The weather decided to cut racing short & the rain sent us home early but it was great to get back at it & start dialing the car in again. We even got to go to the Corvette Museum for the first time."  

Congrats on your great run Lexx!  Find out more her G8 HERE


LS Fest looked like many had fun as they should have. Maybe one day we will make it out to LS Fest East... but until then we can live vicariously though the eyes of others.


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