What did we find at TX2K21?

There is an off the chain event that takes place every year in March in the Houston, Texas area called TX2K. This year was no different then other years and many flocked to the event since people were dying you get out after the COVID pandemic!  TX2K21 showcased some serious high-horsepower street cars on the dyno, drag racing, roll racing and there are "rumors" that there's some late night hooning going on too!  

This year we had Jacob Clem @urlosn of Rockford, IL  make the trek down to TX2K to see what he could find.  "Houston becomes the playground of horsepower, from mild to absolute wild lol!  It gets bigger every year" says Jacob...  and let me tell you, he found some rides that will make you turn your head twice!

Like this wicked Twin Turbo Bird on Fire!  "This build was absolutely nuts" Jacob said. 

This 1971 Pontiac GTO was really something to see...

but this isn't just any 70's GTO... it has a late model GTO interior!

and LS2 power plant. 

 Like F-Bodies? This was F-Body Heaven!

Many don't like "imports" but you don't want to run across any of these "ricers" because they will eat your ride for dinner!

Tri Rotary with Twins! 

How about slicks on all 4 corners! 

No Rotary for this Mazda FC RX7

Can you say wild?

You can never walk away without taking a photo of well thought out license plates.

Our favorite Beep, Beep, Beep!

This is an oxymoron "Slow 2JZ"

The Mini Trucks were hot too! 

 At least these mustangs didn't run over anyone here lol!

Our favorite, M/Ts and Turbos! 

And last but not least catching those rides with Maverick Man Carbon Product on them! Like this Chevy SS with a Maverick Man Carbon Cowl hood hiding a 2650 blower underneath!

This Liquid Red G8 sporting a Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler 

And that birds eye view, right before it poops on that peautiful paint matched Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler on this GTO.

Thanks Jacob for the highlights and don't forget to follow him and his two bad ass GTOs on Instagram ->  @urlosn <- 

 Race Safe and see you next year! 

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