So what about the 2022 Cadillac CT5-V and CT4-V Blackwing?

Back in 2018 we heard the rumors about a possible better version of the ATS-V and the Gen3 CTS-V.  Many current owners, including us were ramping up to trade up to something new and better.  Yet when that time came, many people seemed to be disappointed in the looks of what was released earlier in 2020.  The CT5-V and CT4-V

Many felt they were watered down and should have been called "V Sport" and did not deserve the actual "V" moniker.  Most current V owners disliked the front facia and Shooting Brake looks as well as the dismal 325 horsepower power (which is almost the standard horsepower of an SUV these days).  With that backlash, later in the year, many saw these wrapped concept versions of a "New V" in the works in photos  

and videos roaring around with sweet sounds of Supercharge V8 Power!



Soon after Cadillac said they would be releasing a newer V model called the Blackwing.  In our opinion they should just make this the "V" in the first place.

Two years later... they are both here! 

We are still torn to say if these are better looking then the last Generation V3s.  What is your take?

We here always know that aftermarket parts can almost make anything look good.  But do the new power plants make up for mellowed down looks that everyone complained will be right off the showroom floor?  Many thought the Blackwing would be coming with the developed Twin Turbo Blackwing V8 we talked about back in 2018.

Sorry to say it will not.  See I told you so!  Where is the conversation someone had with me saying they knew it was coming for a fact and worked for Cadillac! Maybe he was the porter at the dealer. lol! Oh well! 

Not all is in vein, instead the new CT5-V will be getting a revamped version of the Gen3 CTS-V supercharged 6.2 liter V8, which is not a bad thing. Why change a good thing, right?  This motor will be making 668 horsepower and 659 foot pounds of torque!  0-60 in 3.7 seconds and over 200 mph!  Cadillac claiming this is the most powerful Cadillac ever!  

The power plant for the CT4-V will be powered by the same LF4 as in the previous generation ATS-V  and putting down 8 more horsepower to 472 horsepower and 445 torque and 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.  We think that extra 8 horsepower is just something that was already there and was just added to the "advertised" horsepower number to the already the watered down horsepower number they gave to the ATS-V. 

Both the CT5-V and CT4-V will come standard with a 6 manual which will have  active rev-match as well as a no-lift shift algorithm which will help the CT4-V keep in boost so not to loose any time between shifts.  For those who do not like to row your own gears there is an optional 10-speed automatic. 

All models come with an adaptive suspension system upgraded to the 4.0 versions of Cadillac's Magride and claims more precise wheel control with better isolation along with a limited-slip rear differential to keep the power down the ground and even has a "V" logo on it if you dip under the car to see it's underside.   

Top stop this monster horsepower the CT5-V Brakes are the largest in Cadillac History with 398mm brakes and the carbon ceramic option is a 53 pound reduction in weight and probably $12,000 brake job!  Cadillac at this time did not mention what the CT4-V sizes or options were but we presume they are the same. 

Surrounding these brakes are Forged Aluminum wheels available in a Dark and Bright finish. Being Forged is a defiantly a plus over the previous generation cast wheels.  Remember those 6 Lugs on the first generation Vs? What were they thinking?

Surrounding the lighter wheel are Michellin Sport 4S and according to Cadillac they were specifically designed and tuned for the Blackwing. How much of that is true or not, we are not sure because the Sport 4S is an already existing tire. Either way, they are good tires for this performance vehicle. 

So did Cadillac fix what people thought was watered down?  What we liked best about the previous generation CTS-V and ATS-Vs is they actually had different body parts on them over the standard CTSs and ATSs.  They had totally different front facias and rear bumper covers that were very aggressive, making them very distinguishable.  So far what we see is these are just the standard "V" version with a bunch of carbon bits on it.  Now don't get us wrong, we love carbon fiber. lol! But it seems all Cadillac did was add carbon fiber bits to the current body style using the same body panels and facias.  Given when we actually get to see one in person closer we are sure there are some slight changes we just cannot see in these photos.  According the designer at Cadillac there is a Daily Driver package and an optional Carbon Package that the previous generations had.  This model includes a Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Splitter, Canards and Diffuser.

In our opinion the canards are out of place and the splitter looks like an aftermarket afterthought.

The larger ducktail spoiler does look better on the CT4-V and does help the looks. 

But in our opinion seems a bit too large making it ricey.  However the Designer from Cadillac did say that the splitter and spoiler were configurable according to the interview which would be a big plus to make up for its looks making this functionable rather then only form.  Though we cannot see how they are adjustable from the photo and videos we have seen.  

One thing Cadillac did get right, was the Black out trim which was lacking on the GenV3s so we do give them that. 

And what is this?  A carbon fiber grille trim on the CT5-V? Wait a minute who made the first Carbon Fiber Grille for the Vs? We did! lol!  

The interior we think is a step up from the Gen V3.

With the layered material and dual tone stiching, quilted patterns and piping along with suede, micro fiber, carbon fiber, even down to the new 3D printed shifter manufacturing process at Cadillac. 

Some may think the seats are a tad gaudy, but they are a beautiful piece of art work and that carbon fiber is just stunning. 

The CT4-V is a bit over the top with the red seat belts which reminds of us a bit too much of the tuner market. 

Also the newer 12 inch reconfigurable cluster is a very nice touch! 

So what are these Blackwing upgrades and enhancements going to set you back? $59,990 starting for the CT4-V Blackwing and $84,990 starting for the CT5-V Blackwing.  Keep in mind the word "Starting" the fully loaded CT5-V will cost you an additional $40,000+ for hole in the pocket of $125,980!  Following the limited production of the V history, only 250 of each will be made in 2021 and will be available summer of 2021.  You can pre order yours HERE

We have not had a chance to drive the CT5-V or the CT4-V Blackwings, but we think the newer CT5-V will handle better its predecessor the Gen 3 CTS-V since it was a boat on the track. It was a well known fact that the ATS-Vs were actually faster then the CTS-V on the shorter tracks according to the V Academy Instructors at Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort.  We think with the new improvements the CT5-V will definitely turn some heads.

As for the CT4-V, in our opinion, it would be very hard for the CT4-V to out perform the ATS-V.  The ATS-V was built for the track and in our opinion would be very hard to beat. We guess the track times will tell all. 

Either way, out of the box, the standard CT5-V and CT4-V should be able to out do their European counterparts and give them a run for their money!  As far as the looks, we think we are on board with all the other previous V owners. We just don't get that Stingray C8 feeling when we see it.

Will we be trading up to one? Probably not. We will be keeping our V.  I guess we here in the aftermarket will just have the help get these watered down looks up to where it should be.  Like these concept renders:

And Maybe one day we will get the Cadillac Sport Wagon again! 

Blackwing model. See the Live Stream Reveal here:

BlackwingCt4-vCt4-v blackwingCt5-vCt5-v blackwing

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Pete Friesen

Pete Friesen

I have a full load vector blue coupe m6 looks a lot nicer

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