2009 Pontiac G8 - slow6oh NOT!


The Rider

Lexx Steen is no ordinary vehicle owner and her 2009 Pontiac G8 GT is no ordinary ride.

As you will soon see. The G8 platform has always been one of her favorites, due to its great looks, street presence, track prowess and affordability, it also happens to be her dream car. She bought her stock G8 a few years ago with every intention of keeping it stock and having it as daily driver. 

But as well all know, that did not last long. The transformation began slowly with the Big Three, intake tuner, and exhaust, and snowballed from there. Two years later came the LSA supercharger putting down a whopping 702whp/655wtq! After some beginner’s jitters, Lexx pulled down a 10.53 at 134mph and has a best of 10.13 @137mph. After another round of mods over the winter her car now makes 803whp/719wtq and is aiming for 9's!

With the bug firmly planted, the G8 quickly went under the knife and was transformed into what you will read about below. And get ready, it is a long list.

A longtime fan of racing and custom vehicles in general for the last 10 years, and although she has assisted her husband with his projects, this is her first build. But lucky for us, she went all out! Lexx has traveled the country attending different race events and plans to keep it up.

She has her schedule so far, and has plans to attend LS Fest East, MAP Proving Grounds 1 & 2, PowerCruise, maybe Ice Cream Cruise, and possibly one of the StreetCar Takeovers with a few local shoot-outs and some no-prep events just for fun. She calls her Pontiac Slow6oh, but as you will read, nothing can be further from the truth.

The Ride

Ok, you ready for this? Sit down because you are going to be here for a while. Lex has done A LOT to this G8. So grab a beverage and enjoy the ride. Starting in the engine bay there is an L76 with a stock bottom end, ported LS3 heads, LS9 head gaskets, Kong Performance ported LSA supercharger, ZL1 lid, ARP head bolts, Cam Motion custom blower cam, double roller timing set, BTR pushrods, hollow stem intake valves, 2.4 upper pulley, ATI Balancer with 9.17 lower pulley and Displacement On Demand (DoD) delete kit.

To top it off a Nick Williams boosted 102 throttle body.  Glanzer Performance 5-inch intake, Glanzer Intercooler Reservoir and an Interchiller (water to air intercooler) from Forced Induction. The fuel system is decked out with a Glanzer Performance Flex Fuel kit, ID1300 injectors, Aeroflow fuel rails, 8AN feed line, VaporWorx PWM,  and Fore Innovations Twin 450’s.

Tired yet? That was just the engine! Got a Tim King built 6L80 with a Glanzer performance trans cooler, and a ZL1 converter. Spent gasses exit out of Stainless Works 2-inch primary headers coupled with a custom-built 3-inch mid-section with X-pipe, and Solo Performance 3-inch axle-backs. A 3.5-inch Chromoly single piece driveshaft mates to probably the only thing that has not been cut, chopped, or otherwise upgraded and that is the stock 2.92 gearset in the rearend.

Keeping all that power in check is a dialed suspension system. In the front we have BC coilovers, Whiteline strut top bushings and endlinks with Brembo brakes, and Russel stainless brake lines.  While the safety is bumped up a notch with a Glanzer Performance Tubular Crash Bar.

In the rear we have AFCO coilovers, BMR lower control arms, BMR upper control arm bushings, with AKP trailing arms, and solid cradle bushings and offset diff bushings. The frame cradle had to modified to accept a Camaro anti-roll bar and toe rods all supplied by BMR.

Get a refill, stretch your legs, and move to the comfy chair. Inside, Lexx sits in a Corbeau DFX Racing seat (and so does her passenger) equipped with Racequip 5-point harness, and Vosberg Customs harness bar.

Vital readouts are viewed on an Triple Pod Dash, Aeroforce Intercepter gauges and an AEM Wideband. And again, with all the work done literally everywhere, the stereo system stayed bone-stock.

Outside Lexx got her black-on-white stormtrooper de-badged, blacked out the chrome grille, got some new Pontiac arrowheads because why not, and Maverick Man Carbon supplied the rear spoiler that got paint matched.

This street-legal rocketship wears two sets of shoes depending on where Lexx chooses to drive. Out on the street the setup is Ace Alloy AFF02 20x9 fronts with 20x10.5 rears shod with Nitto 555 G2 255/35/20 in the front and 285/30/20’s in the rear.

For track use, we have Weld S77 18x5 in the front with Weld S77 Beadlocks 15x10 (yea, beadlocks!) with Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R 26x6x18s in the front with MT’s ET Street R 275/60/15s in the rear.

She would like to give big props to Glanzer Performance, Dedicated Motorsports, Blue Line Performance and her Husband Jordan Steen.


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Beware of Maverick Man Carbon Knock Offs.


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