Beware of Maverick Man Carbon Knock Offs.

Remember when you bought something as a kid, then the kid you HATED went out and bought the same thing a week later? Wasn't that annoying?  Why'd they have to copy you?  Well as kids, we didn't realize it was actually a form of flattery.  There is a saying, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

In business, being successful means that people also want to copy what you do -- to the point of knocking off product designs -- aka A FAKE!  So is this still a form of flattery? Duh... NO!  When Company A comes out with a product they claim to be a replica of Product B, but it's really an exact design copy of what your own company produces.... that is NOT a good idea.

SO with that in mind let's take a good look at this spoiler here: 

Yep.  That is a Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler for the G8.

Let's look at another Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler for the G8 in the photo below....

Now lets look at this next spoiler.  We will call this one the "O" spoiler from Company "G".  This spoiler has been sold as a "SLP" spoiler.

 However, lets look at what a REAL SLP spoiler looks like below....

And one more image of a Real SLP spoiler:

Can you see the difference between each of these? No? Yes?

Lets put them side by side so they are easier to see.

Now according to company "G" they make a "SLP" Spoiler so lets compare them side by side.

Real SLP Spoiler Left - Company "G" Spoiler Right.


Lets take a look at another comparison so there is no doubt. 

Again Real SLP Spoiler Left -  Company "G" Spoiler Right.

If you notice, Real SLP spoilers curve in on the ends more.  Plus it is thinner on the top corners.


Now lets take a look at the Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler and Company "G"s spoiler side by side.

Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler Left -  Company "G" Spoiler Right.  Looks a tad familiar?

Just in case so there are no doubts lets check another Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler side by side with the Company "G" Spoiler.

Again Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler Left -  Company "G" Spoiler Right.

Now I would think by looking at those images above they are the same spoiler.  Ok... maybe it's the angle? Maybe, just maybe?

Well lets take a look at the underside of both the Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler and Company "G"'s spoiler.

Pictured below:

Top is the Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler vs the Bottom which is Company "G"s Spoiler.

Wow!  Is this a strange coincidence?  I think not. There are so many ways to design a spoiler on the underside but for some apparent reason they are EXACTLY the same on the top AND the bottom? Like Arsenio Hall used to say... Things That Make You Go "HMM."

So yes, Company "G" spoiler is a low quality copy of a real Maverick Man Carbon spoiler.  This was also tracked down though to the person who actually bought the original Maverick Man Spoiler which eventually chains back to Company "G ONLY".  Of course the company "G" plays innocent and claim they didn't know making Maverick Man Carbon out to be the bad guy? Crying all over the internet they "did the right thing" stating "I have nothing to hide!"  Really how do you sleep at night?

How does the saying go?

Yep it was Bull!  Because only weeks after getting caught red handed this same company decides to do what? Go and try to copy another design. WOW are you serious? Not only copy Another one but call it the same exact name from another company?  Really?  They even admit to have bought a real SLP Firehawk spoiler and then copied it.  But most have said all they did was get the existing copy of the Maverick Man Spoiler they ad and just changed the tips to make it "look" like another spoiler.  After all this it wouldn't surprise me. And to top it off they call it a "Replica" really? Do you think it's ok just because you use the word "Replica" it allows you to copy someone else product and make it ok? Are you stupid?

What does the definition of "Replica" mean? 

did that just say? "More dummy, imitation, facsimile; informal KNOCKOFF"? Google said it not me! lol!

And of course what did their customers receive? Watch this video here from a customer who got this so called replica G8 Spoiler.  

These sellers don't care what you get obviously.  They are the middle man trying to make a few bucks without even caring what the product looks like. 

Again more stupidity.  Not surprised though.  The acts of this company "G" to continue down this road of stupidity.  I mean why stop there right?  Even prior to this stealing my design, company "G" also stole photos form my website to use for promotion for their own Instagram page putting their own logo on it. REALLY? What was the excuse when they were caught again? "I didn't know"? 

Then, why stop there?!  Hell why not keep it up and steal other images from other photographers and create a calendar for yourself to SELL to others and make money off of someone else hard-work?  What's the excuse?  "I didn't know".  It's called a COPYRIGHT you moron!  Read the law not what you friends tell you on facebook!

In conclusion, people who knock off parts and steal ideas don't last.  I have seen them come in go in the GTO market it will be no different then the G8 market 5 years from now.  They eventually get caught and legal actions take place which for company "G" is just right around the corner. 

So as the Title says... Beware of Maverick Man Carbon Knock Offs!  Keep in mind if someone is trying to sell you a new or used "SLP", "Firehawk", or yes, a Maverick Man Spoiler...  Always ask first for proof that it's the real deal.  Maverick Man Carbon can always look up the name of the original buyer for you to confirm that.  Always feel free to ask!

Have a Safe and Buyer Beware Day!




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