Police are ready for street racers during TX2K 17
You've heard about it; you've seen the YouTube videos! It's among the biggest known  competitive race meets and street racing throughout the internet and social media!  TX2K!  People drive and even trailer their race cars in from all over the United States to compete at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX. 
But after the legal racing is over, the illegal racing starts! 
However, this year the Harris County Sheriff's Office will be out in full force!  Reserve deputies will be pulling extra shifts, focusing on areas known for some fast roll racing.
Will you be there?  If you are, watch out!  The boys in blue will be out in force!  According to ABC 13 Houston the police will "...be in patrol cars, 'ghost' cars, and even vehicles that would blend in with the fast and furious."  Fast and Furious?  Did you guys just say Fast and Furious?  Gotta like that one! lol!  Another video from ABC 13 Houston said some deputies will be in "Performance Cars" and others in personal vehicles to pull street racers over!  Watch out for entrapment! lol!
A few years back 9 people were arrested for doing illegal street racing. Will there be more this year? 
Even though in Texas Street racing is a Class B misdemeanor and repeat offenders can be charged with a 2nd degree felony,  street racers still do it because of the adrenaline rush because there is always that possibility of getting arrested but the thrill of beating that other car can be more rewarding sometimes. ;)
Be safe!
TX2K begins today Mar 17th and ends Sunday Mar 19th.
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