Man arrested in Florida for road-rage shooting while driving a Chevy SS

According to WFTV Orlando News 28 year old Runkshan Goonewardena shot a motorist while driving his Chevy SS last week in a road rage incident, over almost colliding with each other over changing lanes.

Detectives of Altamonte Springs were able to spot Goonewardena’s Chevy SS in some surveillance footage

but one of the keys to finding Goonewardena was the Chevy SS!  Only 13 people in own one in a 10 mile radius.

 Even easier to spot with Holden badges! And how about those blacked out wheels!

Officer Evelyn Estevez said When detectives tracked him and his car down "A shell casing was located inside the black Chevrolet SS (that is) believed to be the casing from the single shot fired during the incident."

Currently he is being held without bond on a charge of attempted murder while driving his "Murdered Out" SS. :P

Moral of the story is... don’t do a crime in a rare car. Get a Malibu! lol!


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