Joe Biden gets in the new 2023 Z06 Corvette and Revs it!

Yesterday President Joe Biden took a tour of the 2023 Detroit Auto Show.  According to ABC News,  Biden touted... "electric vehicle investments at the Detroit Auto Show" and stated that he was a "Car Guy" when speaking there.

While stopping by the GM booth, Biden took a moment to check out the new 2023 Z06 Corvette.  He walks in saying "Get out of the way everyone, this thing flies"   We were thinking get out of the way everyone he might hit someone.  It's a joke relax!  lol!

The lady showing him then car points out the carbon fiber wheels on the Z06. We know we love carbon fiber but does the President know what carbon fiber it is?  We think not.  The lady continues to talk with the President and says. Now you can get in there, and i think your able to start it up" while opening the door for him since he probably doesn't know where the door handle really is on the Z06. 

He gets in and revs the LT6 with big grin and tells the Secret Service "I'll tell you what"... "i'm driving home" 

But let me ask this.  As a "Car Guy" Mr. Biden? Do you know your killing cars like this new 2023 Z06 Corvette?  Just a question.  Again I don't care about your politics, my neighbors politics or who you voted for.  BUT if you're effecting my hobby thats another thing I have to be concerned about and so should you if you are reading this as a "Car Guy".

Just something to make you go hum...






2023 z06 corvette

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