Executive Order directs NO Gas Powered Cars in 2035!

California does it again!

Governor Newsom Announces "California Will Phase Out Gasoline-Powered Cars & Drastically Reduce Demand for Fossil Fuel in California’s Fight Against Climate Change."


A new Executive Order directs state to require that, by 2035, all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California be zero-emission vehicles.  Fake News? Get Fact Checked? NOPE read it here:  

EXECUTIVE ORDER N-79-20 (PDF). right from the ca.gov website. 

According to California's governor Newsom states "Transportation currently accounts for more than 50 percent of California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions."

Read it here for yourself:


Listen to Mr. Newsom state it himself here****:

The ruling will issued by the California Air Resources Board.  Remember that name? C.A.R.B.? 

Yep the same board that won't let you have a Cold Air Intake and other performance parts unless you have a sticker on your performance product in California. 

Like the EPA they are the reason why it is so hard to get headers anywhere these days.

Remember if the manufacture doesn't have the money to pay for it? You don't get the C.A.R.B number and sticker.  Many would say its a money grabbing program for California.... what are your thoughts on that? 

The new ruling states that 100 percent of all new cars sold in the California by 2035 need to be free of the fossil fuel emissions. Supporters like the New York Times say vehicles are responsible for "global warming" and if nothing is done emissions would climb would climb to 68 percent by 2030.*  Mr. Newsom states  "the transportation sector in the state of California represents over 50% of all the emissions, 41% directly related to vehicles, 11% related to the production, petroleum fuels." 

However you or anyone else thinks your garage queen performance car accounts for even 1% of those emissions, your only fooling yourself.  For example lets take for example one of the larger production performance vehicles a 2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Production numbers;

Uh... that is like only 6100 cars? 

Even with newer cars like the Dodge Hellcat or CT5-V Blackwing are in so low numbers, under 1000 for the whole time of production.  These types of numbers are not even a precent of 1% of the cars that are out there now.  Please let us have our gas performance cars! 

Lastly if you live in California you know it has rolling blackouts. Does California even have enough electricity to ban gas cars?  Not to mention in peak summer days at 90 degrees plus, have you ever seen what your electricity bill looks like?  What is this going to add to it? 

According to a 2018 analysis, "energy economists at the University of Texas found that if California drivers were to go fully electric overnight, the state would need about 47% more electricity than it consumes today."** / ***  Not sure about you bit that sounds like a lot of infrastructure to be built causing what? More emissions? lol!  And how much is this going to cost? California has the highest taxes in the nation at 9.5% not including some counties at over 10% tax.  Right now the state gas tax is .51cents per gallon. I am not math major, but where is that .51 cents loss per gallon after 2035 going to be put into, to make up for it that loss?  You see this is what people don't consider.

If you think because you don't live in California this isn't going to happen to your state, you better think again. Remember how you could get headers anywhere but California?  Now headers manufactures are in a bind because of the EPA.  We know everyone says "F" California?  Now things that weren't an issue are a nationwide issue.  Don't think you're out of the hot water!  Remember California is the leading states for these kind of laws for other states or government agencies to follow. 

The bottom line is... if you want to make a change, don't complain and bitch over social media. That isn't going to get you anywhere.  Personally I couldn't care less who you vote for... we all have one thing in common, performance cars that is what doesn't divide us!  However if your hobby is your car and it's more important then the social issues your local politicians are pushing... you better change who your vote for, because this type of rhetoric and attack on your hobby isn't going to get any better.  Voice your demands this year on Nov 8th 2022! 

Otherwise we will be all driving one of these!



Sorry but we prefer this kind of Go Green! 








GTO Gas Guzzler photo: Robert Algoo

Jungle Green Chevy SS: Johnny Smith 

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