Blasphemous! GM and Honda Will Codevelop Popular Vehicle Segments

"Oh no you didn't" [with two snaps and a Z]

Yes you heard that right!  GM and Honda will codevelop a popular vehicle segment!

Given it's not going to be this rendering by artist Kleber Silva (some of you GM fans can now go get some water to clean up that barf in your mouth!) 

Which segment will GM and Honda be targeting? Yes, what we all love... the EV market! We guess that can be good or bad. Given most of our fans here would rather just see some petrol burning, exhaust screaming LS based or LT Supercharged beast like the 2022 CT5-V blackwing!

But the reality of today, affordable electric vehicles are the feature, so Honda a few weeks back announced plans to expand the two companies' relationship to a new chapter by codeveloping a series of SUV and CUV based on a new global architecture using next-generation Ultium battery technology.  This blasphemous ventures goal to us gearheads is to produce millions of lower-priced EVs starting in 2027. Maybe we will see this abortion of a car like this instead?

Not sure whats more ugly this or the Mustang EV lol! 

According to GM Chair and CEO Mary Barr “GM and Honda will share our best technology, design and manufacturing strategies to deliver affordable and desirable EVs on a global scale, including our key markets in North America, South America and China...”.

If you think this is something new it's actually not. Honda previously invested $750 million in the Cruise according to CNBC. (we all know how popular the Cruise was lol!)  GM also help produce two EVs for Honda which came from their autonomous vehicle unit not to mention many collaborated ventures on battery modules and fuel cells. 

The bottom line is this is where GM is going and its sad for us enthusiast to see GM move this direction. Personally I would take that bastard of a Civmaro any-day as long as it was a LS powered by VTEC Yo! 







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