The E-Ray an AWD Full Electric Corvette?

Yes you read that right an E-Ray!  Many have known that name because GM has been holding on to that trademark for awhile. "E-Ray" which fits perfectly for this AWD Full Electric Corvette. That has not been confirmed yet but if the shoe fits! 

Either way its come true!  Who ever thought the Corvette would be AWD never the less an Electric car!  We guess the good news is the Vette will survive for a few years more since GMs plan to go all electric by 2023.  



President of GM Mark Reuss said there will be a Hybrid too (actually in production first for before any full electric).  Speculation have some to believe that the Hybrid's front wheels are powered by the electric motor and the rear wheels are connected to the engine.  The above video gives this theory since it shows the front wheels getting more traction faster then the rear wheels.

This would be most logical since the Vette has a rear engine power plant.  We just wonder what that rear engine is going to be?  

We also would like to know what kind of combined horsepower the Hybrid will have? Some reports say over 600hp but under 670hp to make the Z06 still the king in horsepower ratings.  Though we feel the electric motor will have more torque then the Z06!.   

So which would you take? The Hybrid Corvette? The Full Electric Corvette E-Ray? or the Z06?







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