Did Chevrolet just hint that there is going to be another Chevy SS?

So long Chevy SS! The order books are closed! What’s left is limited and it’s an end of an era! Plus when a major news channel actually gets all the info right about the “SS” you bet people are going to want to have it!

This has to be true since the sales numbers for the Chevy SS in March alone was 1,217 units! It took Chevy almost 4 months in the first year (2014 production) to come close to that sales number!  According to Chevy spokesperson Shad Balch, California has a very good supply of SS’s. So if you are looking for one, it might be a good time to make a trip!

The SS was featured in a segment done by ABC news; who did a nice job explaining exactly what it was...

comparing it as the 4 door corvette...

the background of where the SS is made, why they are stopping it...

and even a great comparison to the 1996 Impala.

What’s even more interesting about this interview with ABC News, Balch said, "I can't make any product announcements. But given the popularity of this car with the minimal marketing advertising that we had to put behind it, it's safe to say we were on to something with this".  see video or link below for the interview.

So with that said, what do you think will be next?

source: ABC7 News

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