When Goats Get hungry they drive though grassy fields!

Why is it that people think they can run from the cops?  Do they think they can get away? Or maybe they are doing it for fame, streaming live on Facebook? Instafame or like this guy who was just plain drunk.

According to the Huntington County Sheriff's Department & County Jail, Deputy Don Whitney was traveling Southbound on State Road 9 while clocking radar.  He clocked a 2004 Pontiac GTO traveling at a high rate of speed.  He attempted to stop the driver in the GTO to issue him a citation, but maybe the driver of the GTO thought 350 horsepower was enough to out run him! So off they went into a high speed chase!  The Sheriff's Department doesn't say how fast he was going but the driver fled from officers through grassy fields. Say what? Grassy fields? Maybe he thought his Goat needed to graze and was hungry?  Either way it didn't last long and spikes were deployed and ended up deflating the front tire.  The GTO was eventually boxed in and he gave up.

The driver has been identified as Dalton Ray 24 years old of Ft. Wayne.

Resisting Law Enforcement
Reckless driving
Open Container

Officers detected the odor of alcohol on the driver, but he refused any testing. He was transported to Huntington Hospital for evaluation.

He is currently being investigated for operating while intoxicated (charges pending).

In conclusion if you are going to run form the cops and jack up your car at least do in a car that sucks and not a GTO!  Then again maybe he would have gotten away if he had a 6.0? :P



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