The Chevy Trailblazer SS is one hot item for car thieves!

Remember last year in Oakland California Pontiac G8's, GTOs were on the Hot Commodity list for being stolen?  Well it looks like in Detroit, Michigan the Trailblazer SS is on their hot commodity list!


It seems more and more owners of Trailblazer SS's know that they are being targeted for what we all know as the LS2s they pack under the hood. Engine swap anyone?

However that doesn't keep some Trailblazer SS owners from buying another one after their first one and even their second gets stolen!   One owner said, "I went all the way to Chicago to get my second one, just to get it stolen here in Detroit!"  Another SS owner said, "I decided to go outside to check and my truck was gone. No glass, no nothing." No glass? Well it looks like there was no glass because these thieves just do the old screwdriver trick and jack the Trailblazer though the door handles. 

Since the security in these Trailblazers are a joke they are very easy to steal! So easy that five Trailblazer SS's were stolen in a few weeks! Owners seem to be more aware of this happening, but if you're not, maybe you should.  Definitely be more aware of your surroundings and what you blabber about over the internet about your sik Trailblazer SS! 

One Trailblazer owner said he was being followed after a car show. He ended up calling the police who pulled the car over.  Later the Trailblazer Owner was told that they were known car thieves in the area.

We all work hard for our cars and what we put into them.  No one wants some low life to take it away. The police try to keep our cars safe, but they can only do so much. Though in this area of Detroit, Michigan's auto theft prevention, called HEAT will pay up to $10,000 for tips on auto theft! However, this doesn't always work.  The only thing we can do is be aware of our surroundings, where we leave our rides, and don't give out too much information on social media.  Never post things like where you will be or even worse, where you live or even a photo of your ride in front of your house!  Be smart!



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