High Speed Chase ends in 2 Subjects arrested at gunpoint in Stolen Pontiac G8!

Nothing like loving our cars and only to have some lowlifes steal it! However its even better when they get caught!

Hemet Police was in pursuit of a white Ponitac G8 going 70+ mph though the city of Hemet into a small neighborhood of Valle Vista. It ended when the driver crashed into a Saturn (no loss there lol) on the corner of Howard and Olive.

One eye witness said

"...i heard sirens and $#!^  so i came out, i was standing right there.

dude came up this way lost control.  smashed into the car right here, a bunch of steam.

cops basically doing their job, telling him don't #uK!^ move.

and all i seen was smoke and steam from the car.

they took them down..."

Did you also notice the G8 had a typical #missingg8spoilersysndrome? lol! Maybe if this G8 had a Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler on it he would have gotten away! Just Kidding!

Good job Hemet PD ! Keep our cars safe!

Source: http://hemeteyenews.blogspot.com

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