Girls of SEMA 2017
If you have ever been to SEMA or even heard of SEMA you know it’s heaven on earth when if comes to cars!  Hot Cars here, Fast cars there, Cars everywhere!  But it’s also heaven on earth when you see these Angels standing around the cars!
Some might think they are far from Angles and some even think it can be quite chauvinistic to have a scantily clad woman draped upon ones car...
or having one of them signing some useless poster that will only hang in the garage for years to gather dust like this one here.
But remember SEMA is also known as a Sausage Fest. 
YES I said Sausage Fest!  90% of SEMA audience is male dominated! So what better way to get a males attention by a short dress and heals?
And yes sometimes things can get a little out of hand.  I mean what is going on here? lol!
 But on the other hand these hard working women stand all day in there 4 to 5 inch heels...
sign their name 1000xs plus on some poster pretending to actually be interested in you.
Not to mention putting up with probably the most sarcastic pick-up lines every known to the male species.  What's your line?

Though they may be pitching some part or do-dad which they might know nothing about, they are in fact an essential part of SEMA. They are doing something as simple as passing out stickers, flyers, bags or some other item which we wouldn’t normally take, but we take it because of their smiling face.

and if your lucky you can get a them to take a selfie with your phone.  But you might have a hard time explaining to your wife why two hot chicks got a hold of your phone.  Say hi to Nicole Reckers (a past Maverick Man Carbon Girl) and Alexia Cortez.


Ether way SEMA wouldn’t be SEMA without them!  Until next year ladies!
Shared photo credit goes to Steven Rupp.

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