Rumor from Deadline Hollywood is that there will be new Knight Rider based off classic TV series “Knight Rider” from Spyglass Media Group and directed by James Wan who did "Furious 7" of the Fast and Furious franchise.

The original show was from the 1980s for those of you who are too young to even know what Knight Rider is. Knight Rider featured actor David Hasselhoff who was also in the original Bay Watch series and known as a "singer" in the UK.  In Knight Rider, Hasselhoff played a former cop who became a private crime-fighter for FLAG (Foundation for Law and Government) under the secret identity of Michael Knight. 

Personally we don't care to see Mr. Hasselhoff again, but if we do, we sure hope he won't be singing in it, drunk like a skunk or running down the beach in red shorts (we'll let you Google that on your own).  We all know that the hero of this show was an artificial intelligent self-driving 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am named KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand).

We all hope it will be the original KITT that comes back.  What else could be more iconic then a F-body? Then again Hollywood could screw that up easily!  In 2008 "Knight Rider" was rebooted by NBC with a whole new cast including KITT which was a 2008 Ford Mustang patterned after the up and coming GT500KR.

Given, this Mustang was probably no slouch with a Whipple under the hood, but really, a Mustang? Come on Hollywood, at least use a GM for this and pay homage to the OG KITT.  Then again we are almost sure this was a money deal with Ford.  After 17 episodes (of course we only watched the first episode) it died miserably with the horrible cast, car and its political agenda.

We have also seen a few cameos from David Hasselhoff and KITT, one of the best one is this one from Ted 2. 

We all know Seth MacFarlane knows how to make people laugh and tie pop culture into his movies and television shows. Let's hope the new director understands the importance of pop culture and keeps some of the original themes in the new movie.

So far there are no details about the new movie, but sources say it will take place in present day and will maintain the theme of what Knight Rider was.  If that is the case we want to know which car will represent KITT. Please, NOT another Ford for Gods sake!  We all would probably hope it would at least be a Pontiac but with Pontiac being deader then the F-Body the first thing that came to mind was the Trans Am Depot Trans Am Camaro kit cars.


But with the licensing deals and what not, I don't think that would ever come to fruition in a box office movie.  Rumor also says that GM is supposed to bring back the Hummer brand under GMC. So do you think this would be a great time to reboot the Trans Am name like how GM did with the Camaro in Transformers?  Then again we have seen some bad GM re-booted names like the Nova, Malibu and even the SS badging stuck on some horrible cars!


Maybe we could wish for something like this instead?

All we are saying is we don't want some 5 second cameo of the original KITT.   We want the real thing! We can only hope.

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