Sponsorship Rebate Programs


If you have been referred to this page it is because you have been selected or have asked about a Sponsorship Rebate Program. If you have not been contacted his will not apply to you. Please do not contact us about Sponsorship Programs unless your vehicle has a letter of intent for a printed magazine feature or very well known website.

To qualify for the the Sponsorship Rebate Program you must do the following check list below.

1. Must run a MINIMUM of Two Maverick Man Carbon Decals on Quarter Widows in addition to "if" Sponsorship Rebate is for a Spoiler or Hood there must be a sticker on the hood for the hood and a sticker on the rear center window for the spoiler.  All decals will be provided though Maverick Man Carbon Inc. 

2. Post photos on www.facebook.com/MaverickManCarbonInc as a Visitor. if still applicable. 

You must post at least two different photos with product present in image and with decal in image if in view of product.


3. Post image with Maverick Man Carbon Product on your Instagram. You must hastag the following. #maverickmancarbon and if it is a spoiler #maverickmancarbonspoiler and if it is a hood #maverickmancarbonhood if it is a another product and you are not sure how to list it please inquire within.


4. You must post and provide a "Reels" formatted Video of the product and another with the product on your car and post them on your own Instagram.  

5. Post up at least two photos on at least one related forms endemic to your vehicle (ie: if a Chevy SS then on a Chevy SS forum, if a GTO then a GTO Forum).

6. Post up at least two photos on at least one related Facebook Group endemic to your vehicle (ie: if a Chevy SS then on a Chevy SS group, if a GTO then a GTO group) all post must be tagged to www.facebook.com/MaverickManCarbonInc (like the page if it is not coming up)

7. By accepting the rebate all images become property of Maverick Man Carbon Inc. and can be used or modified in anyway for marketing.  

8. To qualify for the rebates all postings and requirements must be submitted /  posted with screen shots of each posting within 60 days of the purchase. 45 days only if paid via Pay Pal. NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Thanks for being part of the Maverick Man Carbon Family.

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