Guess which state removes the Front License Plate Requirement!? We never wanted them anyways!

If you live in the state of Ohio, as of July 1, 2020 you no longer need your front license plate mounted!

Yes! This is some great news for those with vehicles that look horrible with a front plate... like every one of them! lol!  Not that we run one anyways.  So pull that ugly ass plate off and chuck it in the trash!

You see, Ohio changed the requirement for the front license plate when they updated their annual transportation budget in Ohio's state's Bill 62. This Bill was to help save the state 1.4 million a year in license plate manufacturing (sounds like a smart way to save money too me).  It also states in short, though passenger vehicles are now exempt from placing that eye sore on your ride, commercial trucks will still need to have a front and rear plate.  Though people who like to run both front and rear plates will be allowed to keep them.  Why would anyone want two plates?  Well those people who are boring, and us car people don't want to associate with them anyways. :P

We are also sure that your local Popo is not too keen about this new law.  Police believe that removing the front plate makes it more difficult for them to identify and catch people committing crimes.  But we all know if they were smart criminals they would just steal someone else plates and put them on their car.  Or if you are criminal in California, you can just print up your own paper plate from your printer and make your own.  Yes you read that right.  Only in California, right?

However most of us are not criminals, but we all know a front plate can be to our disadvantage. Those front license plates make it easier for the boys in blue using lidar to catch speeders. How so? Because they use that as an ideal pin point to receive the laser refection return. And how about those "rolling stops" at a stoplight camera?  We think it is only fair to make it that much harder so we can be on the offensive. Of course this is not an endorsement to speed or roll the red light, but you get the gist.


So go and celebrate and take that ugly plate off your car NOW!  We've never had one anyways, but we don't live in Ohio. We like to live dangerously! NOW doesn't that look much better! Tell us what you think about the front plate law in your state and maybe we will choose you to get a free Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame!
Photos: @nstygto
Front license plate

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