Cammed and Wrapped 2009 Pontiac G8 GT


Cammed and Wrapped 2009 Pontiac G8 GT

Working through a life-changing set back, Heather Johnson sculpted marble into a well-built G8 GT


It wasn’t peer pressure, a high-dollar television ad or some sort of social media influence that pushed Heather Johnson toward this 2009 Pontiac G8 GT or, for that matter, cars in general. Her infatuation with horsepower and customization began at an early age, tailing her father on race days.

She adds, “I grew up at the racetrack being that my dad was a drag racer. Racing has always been a part of my life growing up and I knew I wanted something that went fast.”

Heather’s first car, a Hyundai Tiburon GT, wasn’t exactly a powerhouse and served more as a steppingstone and once she was in college, the hunt for something faster began. “I stumbled upon a black G8 GT at a local car lot and I started researching G8s for the next few days to learn everything I could,” she recalls. Armed with plenty of knowledge on the car, she returned to have a closer look and got a chance to take it for a test drive…and that was it. “I instantly knew my next car would be a G8.” The ‘love at first drive’ affair would have to wait, however, seeing as how that particular car had a smoking habit and some potential lifter issues.

After picking up her search once again, Heather spotted a 2009 GT complete with a Premium Package in Nashville and the very next day, those keys were hers and driving it back home, she was already planning the mods.

Pace Setter long tube headers and custom 3-in. exhaust tubing that leads to a Magnaflow Tru-X muffler woke the L76 up, while Maverick Man coilovers checked off the handling and ride height boxes. DBA drilled/slotted rotors and Hawk pads made their way behind Eurosport Monza wheels to help keep the G8 in check.

After the basics were installed, Heather wanted a little more spice and started thinking about that highly sought-after cam upgrade. “Growing up, cam lope was my lullaby, so it was time to get my car talking. I researched all the best parts and people when it comes to the G8 and consulted Rick Crawford - the G8 God himself. With his guidance I went with the RCR 219/232 .612/.599 111LSA cam, as it has good street manners and I had his colleague, Adam Cooper install the cam and do the DOD delete, Trunnion upgrade and larger trans pan install.” Heather opted for a Circle D Pro Series 258mm converter and 3600 stall at the recommendation of Rick Crawford and with the experience behind the wheel completely transformed, she seems entirely content, adding, “Now the car drives and pulls like a champ and I truly wouldn't trade It for the world.”

With the highs sometimes come the low points and in 2018, Heather was involved in a car accident that left her with multiple fractures to her right leg that were severe enough to require reconstructive surgery.

Not sure if she’d walk again, she remained immobile for a number of months followed by physical therapy. For a year, while dealing with the injury and having to learn to walk and drive all over again, her love for cars dwindled. “I lost interest in everything. Then one day, God woke me up and reminded me that I was lucky to be alive and walking again and hence, I should take control of my life again and get back into what I loved – cars.”

Heather’s new outlook and rekindled passion for cars prompted the urge to do something a bit outside the norm. “I wanted to do something crazy, something nobody else had done.” It was around this time that her friend began a vinyl wrap business and impressed with his work, she started searching designs online. Having studied Geology and with a love for rocks and minerals, once she spotted a marble design during one of her searches, it was literally a wrap. “I though man, how cool would a marble G8 be?”

Just a few weeks later and the idea became reality with the marble design taking up most of the G8’s real estate and gloss black accents applied to the hood vents, grill inserts and other choice portions, providing some contrast.

The new look was finished just 3 days prior to Holley LS Fest 2020 where it was officially debuted.

The look is one-off and absolutely demands a double take.

This isn’t the end of the journey for the marble G8 because, just like you, Heather wants to go faster. “My future plans for the car include an LSA supercharger that will hopefully be completed by the 2021 race season.”


Car 2009 Pontiac G8 GT

Owner Heather Johnson

Instagram @stoned_g8

Engine L76 6.0L; RCR 219/232 .612/.599 111LSA cam; Pace Setter long-tube headers; Magnaflow Tru-X X-pipe muffler w/3-in. custom tubing; Rotofab cold-air intake;

Power 433hp/414tq

Drivetrain 6L80 trans; Wiles Driveshaft custom aluminum 1-pc. driveshaft; Circle D Pro Series Stage II 258mm 3D-P Converter, 3600 stall

Suspension Maverick Man coilovers; BMR bushings, BMR strut tower brace

Brakes DBA drilled/slotted rotors; Hawk pads

Wheels & Tires Street - Eurosport Monza 19x8.5 +35 front, 19x9.5 +40 rear; General GMax 245/40 front, 275/35 rear; Track - Drag Pack ZR1 replicas 18x10.5 +35; Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S 285/40

Exterior Metro Series Calacatta Gold Marble wrap printed by AlanWraps, applied by CWraps

Interior Stock w/Premium pedals, shift knob, steering wheel

Thanks Maverick Man, Boost Addicts, Matt Sanford Tuning, Adam Cooper,  Billy Gruwell - Titan Performance,  CWraps a partnership by Charles Weaver and Joshua Goodwin


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Author -> Matt "Rodrez"

Photographer -> @1_shot_media / @_mechlovin

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