2015 Chevy SS - Because She Wanted To, That’s Why!

The Rider

Nicole Zaror has had her 2015 Chevy SS for just under two years but has been a car enthusiast he whole life. And although this is her first custom vehicle build, she has made a lot of smart decisions to make here SS stand out. Riding around the Fenton, Michigan area, Nicole is content just to cruise around and make friends in the scene as well as attend events like the Woodward Cruise, Detail garage Rides and Shine, as well as any other local meets in the Michigan area involving G8s, GTOs, and SSs like she has.

Built for the simple reason that she wanted a unique car to cruise in and has wanted one for as long as she can remember. And if you ask anyone in the custom car scene, building a vehicle because they “wanted to” is reason #1.

Although Nicole had been searching for a ride to customize for a long time, this SS really just fell into her lap and she could not pass it up. She left it as it was for a while, but as we all know that didn’t last long and she tore into it to make it more of a reflection of her personality.

“People are really shocked to find out a girl drives this car!” says Nicole, “But it’s fun for me and I love driving it. Those who actually know me know that cars are a passion of mine, and I am an automotive engineer as my profession, not just as a hobby.” And we could not agree more. You go Nicole!

The Ride

This Holden badged 2015 Chevy SS sits on an Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs that allowed the Ace Alloy AFF02s and Michelin Pilot Super Sports really pop.

You are looking at 19x8.5 with 245/40s in the front with 19x10s with 275/35s in the rear. The wheel and tire combo actually fit without having to roll the fenders according to Nicole, so if anyone wants to copy this tire size combo, go right ahead.

In the engine bay there is a Roto-Fab cold air intake, long tube headers that breathe out of a Magnaflow catback muffler system, with a bump in power from a Livernois Performance tune. You can tell it is Nicole coming down the road as soon as you see the custom headlights shinning bright

as well as some delicious vinyl in the form of a black roof, teal heritage stripes and badges. In the cab Nicole has a short throw shifter wrapped in a Corvette suede shift boot (that will soon be changed).

In the near future Nicole plans to do some more upgrades to make it her own and even has plans to do up a proper drag car or autocross project but that is up to her. For right now she is content to cruise it and meet up with her friends.


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