2015 Chevy SS - Shark Week

The Rider

Josselyn Prado and her 2015 Chevy SS are really the DIY type and have built it up with no shops, doing all the work themselves. She really wanted a four-door but also wanted something that could put down a little rubber when needed. She named it Tiburon, which means Shark in Spanish in case you were wondering, and she drives it through the mean streets of Oakland, California.

Involved in the custom car scene for about four years now, she is active in her local area attending meets all over town and as a member of the Northern California Holdens on the IG (@northern_cali_holdens).

She mostly uses her SS for cruising and has taken it on several long drives to Mexico, which from Oaktown is quite a drive.

The Ride

Josselyn’s SS rides around on a full suspension with H&R Coilovers and she swapped out the bushings, dropped the whole car 2.5-inches, and rolled the fenders for an even meaner look. A set of Forgestar F14 Drag Pack wheels (18x8 front and 17x8 rear), shod with Nitto Nt555 G2 255/45R18’s in the front and Mickey Thompson Et Street S/S 305/45R17s in the rear.

The exterior mode make her SS stand out with a carbon fiber cowl hood and lower front lip from Maverick Man Carbon, and a Holden grille and trunk emblem with black side vents and roof visor.

All in all, the total cost for the build is around $6k and took around two years to complete. She just loves to cruise around with her club buddies and plans to keep attending the Goodguys meet in Pleasanton, California like she did in 2019.

Josselyn has plans to do the Holley LS Fest West in Las Vegas, and as many local Northern California Cars and Coffee events in places like Antioch, Blackhawk, Concord, Fairfield, and Treasure Island as possible. “As a female driver people are always surprised to find out that there is female behind the wheel when I cruise up!”

Josselyn says, “The most negativity I have faced comes from other female drivers. Females are always trying to compete instead of supporting one another they tend to bash each other. However, it is always nice to meet female drivers that enjoy the car culture as much as I do. So, come on ladies be like Josselyn. Don’t hate! Appreciate!

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