Blip Switch Install Info

Blip Module - Clutch switch (Active LOW) version Please be sure to completely read this instruction sheet before beginning installation. Direct any questions to After installation, first be sure the accelerator pedal operates normally with the car running. This can be done by simply starting the car, OR using a diagnostic tool to monitor throttle position with the ignition ON and engine OFF What's Included: 1. 20 Pin main harness - 12V Power/GND/Brake/Clutch 2. Inline pedal harness (OEM Specific Male-Female Pedal Harness) 3. USB cable for connecting to PC Program and/or Android APP Connect the ORANGE wire to ACC 12V power, powered at ignition ON and RUN. Connect the BLACK wire to system ground. Connect the YELLOW wire to Clutch Trigger Output - Active LOW Connect the BROWN wire to Brake Light circuit - Active HIGH (Any >2.5V) The brown brake input wire can be connected to the 12V High brake light circuit or any other signal that goes above 2.5V when the brake pedal is pressed. A system activation/disable switch is recommended on the ORANGE wire to disable automated blipping when in the pits or normal driving.

Android App Instructions

Install 'Serial USB Console' App from the Google Play store on to an android phone OR tablet. It already has all the drivers needed to 'talk' with our blip module via USB and USB OTG cable (supplied) to an Android device. Upon start up, Select OK twice to allow connection to our blip module. It will automatically setup any connection settings. The first serial command will display the current settings and serial number of the blip module. To change any of those settings enter the change Command followed by a number. The box will respond with the value that was saved for the change command.


Example: (CASE SENSITIVE) B 100 then click SEND, box responds with 100 = sets Blip 100% p 250 then click SEND, box responds with 250 = sets pre-blip delay 250 ms W 1000 then click SEND, box responds with 1000 = sets blip duration to 1000 ms M 300 then click SEND, box responds with 300 = sets min. time betw blips to 300 ms d Start Diagnostic Mode s to STOP Diag Mode Test blip via USB, send 'b' and a duration (50-1000ms): Example: b 250 will blip the throttle to the set % for 250ms Diagnostic mode, send 'd' and a data log will start showing the status of the brake and clutch signals and if a BLIP has been registered. No blips will occur in this mode. Send 's' to stop diagnostic mode.


Windows PC program Instructions

Step 1: Download and extract the Blip Control zip file from Xineering. Be sure to download it somewhere you will remember, like desktop or downloads folder. The extracted folder will have a resources folder and BlipControl_V#.exe. The program can be run directly from the extracted folder.

Step 2: Connect the USB cable to your PC and Blip Module

Step 3: Open the BlipControl_V#.exe and select the COM port # the blip module is connected. If there is only one shown select that one. The settings will be automatically read out when a connection is made. For more help click the -INFO v1.0- button in the About Tab

NOTE: If no new COM Port shows up in Device Manager then you need to install the device drivers (See Device Manager pic below)

Download the USB Serial Drivers from the website, run the setup.exe.

It is recommended to always connect the blip

Blip install

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