A Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood Quik Latch Install on a 7 sec Commodore Build!
Darren Parker aka @copocommodore on Instagram (a 2013 ANDRA Super Stock Champion in Australia) after months of thinking and planning and thinking about the fear of damaging the Chevy SS Maverick Man Carbon hood (or should I say "Bonnet" lol!) he finally put his big boy pants on and drilled the holes to fit the Quik Latch Hood Pins in his 7 sec build one night.


According to Darren the job started with drilling the M8 weld nuts on the front quarter panels with an 8.5mm drill to tap a 3/8" unf thread to suit the Quick Latch Pins.

Prior to this a couple of weeks earlier he said he made a drill guide up from a 3/8" unf bolt and long series 4mm drill. Once that was adjusted to rest against the inner surface he got the drill out.

For the Hole saws Darren replaced the 1/4" drill with a stepped pin to locate in the 4mm drilled holes. 

He did the large inner hole first as it wasn't a flat surface so the pin was able to guide from the inner and outer skins.

He said he didn't want the hole saws to create their own centres and the pin worked perfectly. 

Then the small hole saw from the top!

Darren said drilling through the 2 layers of the bonnet was easier than he thought as the drill guide kept everything in line just as he planned!

He did just a quick test fit to see how everything fit and then cleaned up all the sharp edges before final adjustment and fitting of the lock rings.

And whala! Easy Pezy!

On a side note,  We really love the paint scheme Darren did!  It looks great when leaving and exposing the carbon fiber while paint the rest of the hood and adding a red pin stripe to tie it all together! 

We look forward to following Darren's "Copo Commodore" the car will be powered buy a built 412ci LSR block with Mast Heads and Magnuson Mag Drag 2650 supercharger. The same as the Copo Camaro. 

OMG what do we have here?! ;) 

Stay tuned for a full feature on this 7 sec Aussie beast and make sure to give Darren a follow on Instagram @copocommodore

Quik latchQuik latch install

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