BEWARE Big Scammer on Social Media @chevyssworld_ known as Holden Tee / Tee Holden

Within the last year or so the SS community has seen a Instagram page pop up called @chevyssworld which was taken down by Instagram by using copyrighted photos without permission.  This same user runs another page called @srtworldwide (keep this in mind). After this account continued steal my photos to promote companies that made knockoff parts, I nicely told them not to. Here is that DM.  (excuse my voice to text)

He obviously ignored this request so I just reported this person to Instagram which they probably got shadowed banned and then there after I blocked the account. Low and behold right after that I receive a DM that said this.

Hum. So wait, a person from a Dodge Instagram page sends this to me talking about a SS page. Gee I wonder who this could be? lol!  Maybe because he couldn't get DM me with the Chevy SS account because I blocked him?  But first, lets answer some of these statements. lol!

1. "I will destroy my name in the SS community" 

Well you tried but I am still here. lol!

2. "Bashing other people because you can't work with them". 

Okay, why would i want to work with YOU for stealing my content and others content for your own benefit to get discounts on parts? Why would I want to work with people who knock off my parts? Why would I want to work with people getting their friends to buy my parts so they can copy them. And more recently where they get my part and then add some ugly add ons to it and mold it again. Why would I say anything good about people selling counterfeit or copied parts? Do that answer your question?


3. "The entire thread on the forums, and even the Owner page on facebook knows you blocked" 

Okay first of all that's really bad English. lol!  But if your talking about a certain facebook group that you are on for the Chevy SS, all those people who were booted from the page I run is because I caught them red handed doing things as mentioned above that they shouldn't be doing in the first place.  So great, you have the support of all those other idiots. lol!  Birds of a feather flock right?  And why would I want to be part of those people who do that?  Not to mention I am not block from that page, why would I want to join it. lol! Well maybe I should be asked to be added then they can block me! lol!

4. "Every SS page, own that gay SS sedan page"

Again not sure what you mean, but "gay "is not the proper term to use anymore lol! So it's gay because your not in it?

5. "I'm coming to Cali to find your ugly ass"

good maybe i can get Consumer Affairs in person to speak with you since you stole from me... (i'll get to that in a moment.)

Soon after this above DM from this Instagram account @srtworldwide I get sent this screen shot sent to me which was from another group.

Now notice the other names that are on this post. Nothing better then to try to side with a bunch of people who who were caught either who copied my parts or have tried to get their friends to buy my parts to copy them. I mean why not side with them?  They are just as guilty as him. Smooth move to get them on your side. Not really, I am sure after reading this they won't want anything to do with him. And if they do and keep him around. Well that really shows you where these other people stand as well with people stealing.

Now the funniest thing about this post is notice how he says, Maverick Man Carbon run's the "SRTWORLDWIDE" page.  Nothing like trying to cover his own tracks.  Since when do I own a dodge? lol! Anyone that knows me, knows I have never owned a dodge ever! lol!  

When someone sent me this screen shot I told them to send the screen shot from @srtworldwide to them.  When he saw it, this Holden Tee person denied that it was him and that he was the"victim" in all this.  A victim because he got blocked by me for stealing photos and not even leaving any credit? Thus trying to say SRTWORLDWIDE was not him and that this account was owned by Maverick Man Carbon. Why would I send my self that DM If i owned it? Wow you are dumb!

Anyhow when you looked at a posts from both @chevyssworld and @srtworldwide at the same time, during that time, do you know what you see?


notice anything famialr? I do! How about the same exact wording on both accounts?

Go ahead look at it again. SO let me get this right? Your wording, your first tags and the emojis are exactly alike and the only thing that is different is the IG name? Damn that's such a coincidence! Do I still run SRTWORLDWIDE now? lol! Are you still sticking to that story?

Eventually the @chevyssworld was taken down by IG because someone else must have reported him. But when this Holden Tee was asked by people why it was taken down, he wouldn't say. I can, because he was stealing everyone content! lol! What makes this even funnier is he recently he reported other peoples content by claiming photos are taken by him but it is obviously he doesn't have any other source of content and just steals them from IG pages and website.  I will get to that in a bit. 

A few months pass buy and he pops up again as @chevyssworld_ [note underscore] it's obviously the same person starting another page up again. He uses the same tags and text in his early postings and he tells people on facebook he's is the same person. (see my later screen shots)

Then a few months after this "new" Instagram page, I get an email from someone asking about a spoiler.  This person wants to cancel it because he "sold" his SS. This email was nice enough so issued it back.

Now the funny thing was, I looked at the address and phone number after i refunded it and noticed something wasn't right.  I started to do some search words and looked up some past screen shots of my own, phone numbers and names and screen shots sent to me by a few people and LOW AND BEHOLD... the phone number matched to a person named Thabit Ahmed. Now who is this Thabit Ahmed?  Well if you do your research like I did he is also goes by Rick Ahmed, he also goes by Tee Ahmed, also Holden Tee and now on Facebook Tee Holden. NOW does that sound familiar?

It should

This post here verifies "Holden Tee" is the one that ran the Instagram page.  So it is also confirmed he also runs the SRTWROLDWIDE page too since facts show they are the same person. Now keep this whole Chevy SS and Dodge thing in the back of your mind.

And just to be clear since now he changed his name to Tee Holden here is more proof he does run the newer @chevyssworld_ (underscore) page

And it seems someone still doesn't care what and who photos they use on their IG. lol! See its just not me! lol!

After this new SS page goes on for awhile, I get another email (make note of the email reply from this same guy asking to get another spoiler on the same email he asked for a refund.  It's obviously I know who he is now.  So we are all clear on this, remember what this guy has said about me. "I will destroy my name in the SS community"  But yet still orders a spoiler from me?  Scam? I think so.   So I play his game.

Here is that email:





to sum that email up...

I basically asked him (after i refunded him and new who he was)  "i thought you said sold the car and bought a dodge or something?" baiting him that he obviously runs @srtworldwide lol! he then states "Nah, lmfao a ATS V and my wife has a SS. Let me know" i asked "okay cool. what did you replace the SS with?" he says  Just got i, 2 days ago. Vector Blue V." so I tell him "got some photos of your cars interesting in always seeing them." of course he changes the subject and never sends a photo of his car and ignores my other questions about the car because really he has no idea about any ATS-V.  He goes on about how he wants a license plate frame and then asks for a blemished SS spoiler.

And of course I've seen this happen before. A guy buys my spoiler and then tries to knock if off. OR they try to sell it as a non-blemished item and make money from it.

Either way I don't sell him any spoiler or frame.  Well apparently he a few months later he got a hold of one of my spoilers.

Low and behold what do i see.

Some people ask him about the part. Some tell him that it sure looks like a Maverick Man Carbon part. His response.


Now you have to love how he response to the person asking what's the difference between the Maverick Man Carbon one and the one he is selling.  He states "Nothing they are the same. He just makes you wait a year because he does a group buy."  Really? lol! wow this guy is good. Or at least he thinks he is. First off i would love to know how my group buys go. Tell me I am all ears!  Where is the proof of this fairy tale? See this is where rumors start, made up by trolls and people who steal who never buy anything, or just like the guy trying to make up stories about fake Holden parts that I supposedly bought. Do you guys remember that one?

Now the first thought was that these spoilers he was selling were Maverick Man blemished units under a different name and resold them as new.  Because we have all seen that happen before right? lol!   However someone did unfortunately buy one from him!  This customer found out it was horrible and he said,  it didn't even have bolts to mount it to the trunk which my spoiler does.


So YES it was a total knock off of my part.  Which this guy obviously had copied from getting a hold of the Maverick Man spoiler some how. Now you're thinking who would go though that much trouble. Well we saw it happen with the G8 Spoiler so hell, it could have been the same people doing this who knows!  Well stay tuned to see what else this guys does next. lol!

A few more months go by again and someone named Ittehad Ahad (notice how all these names are similar) and they contact me though PM on facebook on this account here . See that message below (message reads bottom to top):







Over all I sell this "person" a blemished diffuser per the PM above. They will knowing know the part they asked for was a blem and they were shown photos. Unfortunately by the time I figured out who he was it was too late.  Who was it? Yep it was Rick Ahmed, Tee Ahmed, Holden Tee, Tee Holden did I miss a name? lol!

Below shows that both people are the same per their IP Address and Billing address.

Order for Deposit on Spoiler

Order for Diffuser

Unfortunately this guy got me, 1 point for him. He ended doing a charge back to his credit card a few months ago and the credit card company just recently sided with him.  SO got a FREE Chevy SS Diffuser. It was also obviously received, because here is the proof of delivery:


What's even better is when you look at his profile there is a new photo of his car on it.

If you brighten the photo up what do you see? My Diffuser on it! Wow how did he get that? I can't wait to hear the excuses he makes up for this one. Let me guess, you bought it used? Well if you did whats that name? Because I have the name of every person that ever bought one and this is the exact you you stole from me? I bet he is scrambling right now to delete this photo. TOO LATE! Caught Red Handed! lol!

I also found out that this guy shipped the part to his family business which is called Amanah Poultry & Grocery that can be seen on his first deposit order and the proof of delivery.  This was also confirmed by another who stated his family owned a grocery / butcher store.  Anyone buy anything here? lol!  


The credit card was billed here.

Do you see what is in the driveway? A G8 and Caddy and way in the back a DODGE! Remember the whole @srtworldwide Instagram account. Coincidence? I think not! Don't you like it when a plan comes together?  Talk about putting it all together!  if you look at the current google maps here: -> what else do you notice? yep a part that you can only get from Maverick Man Carbon on his other car which is a G8. Which was also bought under ANOTHER name and address which was traced back to him. 

It was also just brought to my attention a few weeks ago that this Tee Holden tried to claim some photos were his with a competing SS IG page. This is quite hilarious since this whole thing with Mr. Ahmed Thabit was about them stealing photos from my website and IG.  It's like calling the kettle black. 

Here is a screen shot of that post.  Now notice the email on this IG story from this SS IG page. It's the same GUY! lol!  "" lol! He filed the IG claim for copyright infringement under the same email he emailed me to steal parts!

As this typical social media drama goes on, someone on the page post it is all speculation. (which is probably Mr. Ahmed Thabit) himself defending this post.

But as any smart person would do. They called out the company who's photo it actually belonged to.  As you can see the company Mr. Ahmed Thabit claimed that was his was NOT. The companies response was (as shown in the screenshot above)  "Our email is definitely not that. Nor does anyone go by that name here can someone let me know what the photo even was?" Wow Mr Thabit you got caught red handed AGAIN!

Now since this guy goes by so many names a lot of research also leads to this account too. It would not surprise me if this is his real name.  People always try to high behind facebook pages but this guy here thought he was smart but wasn't.


Also if you pull up pubic records, the address, his name, this age and many other things will show up clearly that he does reside at the address my part was shipped to.

I think this really sums up who this Holden Tee, Ahmed Thabit who runs this chevyssworld page really is. It's really sad when you see people like this ruin the community like this. The represent themselves as a voice for the community but in actuality all they want to do is try to get free parts for so called "influencing". Though all along is all they do is steal others content because they obviously can't afford parts because he stole $400+ to get it!

These business that support this guy on facebook or LET him post these, sales or bashing of my brand in their  facebook group are no better then him either. The bottom line they are tied in with this guy as scamming parts period.  So be very aware of buying parts from him or others that he promotes or sides with.  VENDORS BEWARE he is a smooth talker he will scam you to send you free parts saying he will influence his followers to get you to give him free parts. I am sure at least one or two vendors that already has done this. Put Two and Two together wake up and smell the roses! Scammers like this will try to use their so called influencing to get discounts or free parts not caring how they do it or how get them.

Lastly if you are one of the guys that support this guy or page and do not see any issue with what he has done. Sorry to say you are no better then him. FACT!

In conclusion it's a good thing that $400 won't make me or brake me. I was actually hoping it would have been more then I could file it as grand theft!  That's much more fun! I am sure with the smarts of this guy he will try to do another scam on me after exposing him. Just make it another $101 so we can get that grand theft going please!  And hey Rick Ahmed, Tee Ahmed, Holden Tee, Ahmed Thabit or whatever you want to call yourself now you might want to look at this link ;)

I am going to love to hear this loosers rebuttal too. "you have me confused with someone else" "this is not me" really then why do all the names and evidence show this is him 100%. I would love to hear his excuses to each FACT shown above. Let me guess he won't, because there is no excuse to FACTS!    Well with all this evidence... pay back will be a bitch don't you think?  Stay Tuned!


P.S. To the trolls and haters that are reading this. Let's answer your comments in advance.

1. Yes this was a total a waist of my time writing this (but well worth it to expose this looser) and yes I could be making parts instead. So guess what? You can thank your friend Ahmed for making you waiting longer for parts you never bought anwyays. lol!) 

2. If all you have is to say something about my grammar (when you screen shot this to post in the "other group" and thanks for the traffic)  It's because what I am saying is 100% true and that is all you can say about this. lol! That the best you got? 

3. Oh and I just took about 15 mins of your life away from you. lol! Oh wait you'll probably say, you stopped reading after the first paragraph.  You guys are so predictable!  LOL!

4. I am still here.. :D

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That guy is a serious piece of Shit…

Daniel White

Daniel White

You just made me a bigger fan of yours! Exposing frauds is a pastime of mine also. Keep up the good work!

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