Want a cheap Hertz Corvette Z06 or Camaro ZL1?

This week we found out that Hertz rent a car that is on the brink of bankruptcy just  listed most of their Corvette Z06's for sale.

What better way to get a cheap 650 horsepower!  The Z06s Hertz's program in 2019 was a partnership with Chevy to celebrate its 100th birthday!  These are going to go quick I would think priced as low as $58,000! 

58K that's really cheap for Z06s and what your getting. Given they probably have been beaten to hell but at that price and special rarity. It might be a good cheap gem to pick up for any collector!

Think owning a Corvette is for the man having a midlife crisis?

Well Hertz is also selling a couple of its custom-built 750-horsepower Camaro ZL1 rentals too!

There are a total of 24 Hertz ZL1s in its fleet which were customer done by   Hendrick Motorsports. These "Hertz ZL1s" have a "Callaway" supercharger, Limted specific wheels to the Hertz, some flashy items like illuminated door sill plates, fender badges, and embroidered headrests.

Hertz's used car website currently has to of these right now listed on their website as a used car in North Carolina with a asking price of $78,000 asking prices.  One even has a mere 3379 miles, while the other has only 1817 miles on the odo!  If you want rare and low miles you might want to consider one!


Hertz z06 & zl1 for sale

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