C8 Corvette? I raise you one Mid Engine 2021 "XLR" Cadillac!!

Last year I wrote about what if the Cadillac XLR make a come back as a Mid Engine Performance V model in 2020?  (see that here

If one recalls, the Cadillac XLR was a 2004 to 2009 model based on remaining Chevrolet Corvette C5 assemblies due to GM's transition to the C6. So basically it was a Corvette.

So why not bring back the XLR?  We all just saw what the Corvette C8 a few days ago.  We also know that GM has been utilizing universal platforms for quite some time and crossing them over to shared GM brands.  For example the Zeta chassis was the Chevy SS Sedan and the 5th Generation Camaro.  The Cadillac ATS and the 6 Generation Camaro that also shares the same Alpha Chassis. So why not help another GM brand like Cadillac help return some of the investment of the C8 mid-engines development? 

A few months back  some felt that the XLR was going to make a come back according to this photo of this key fob.

This key chain is a supposed new Cadillac Key fob. However if you look at the images on the fob, the buttons show a trunk and also a "frunk" maybe for a mid-engine?  Also, there's a button to operate a drop-top which we know the past XLR came as a convertible too. Not to mention the car profile on the fob looks very Corvette C8ish.

And well... now we see this!

Yes we know it is a render and concept.  But we can only dream right? Will this dream maybe come true?

Also remember last spring in 2018 Cadillac released information on the new "Blackwing" 4.2L Twin Turbo V8.


What better power plant to put in this!

With the disappointment of the new release of the CT5-CT4 and 2020 V models we can only hope GM will get their heads out of their ass. Let they make something worth being called Cadillac and going back to heritage of "V" as the benchmark of GM.

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I own a black 2005 XLR Roadster and absolutely love it. Please give us this new Roadster. This car would and rightly so be the epic quality, design and performance that one should expect by Cadillac. No, not a Corvette just a extremely well built world contender for a extremely classy and very capable of fast. Please do it! I’m all in.

David J. Beaulieu

David J. Beaulieu

That is a beautiful piece of work and would blow away anything ever made! I WANT ONE!

Bradley Matthews

Bradley Matthews

The mid engine XLR is Bad Ass in every way ! and should be out there making jaws drop ! Cadillac has their hands on the Pulse of a true SUPPER CAR and will drop the ball if they don’t jump on this Beautiful Automobile !!! it’s EYE CANDY from every angel and looks like it’s freaking Blisteringly Fast just sitting there ! not just one upping Corvettes but ONE UPPING CARS of all makes around the World !!!
just one man’s opinion Brad

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