What happens when you make your Chevy SS look like a Police Car

We've seen the Chevy SS on the headline news before, but I guess this doesn't stop the SS from making news... and news did it make in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Aaron Forbis decided mock up his 2016 Chevy SS to mock it up to what police say "to look like a Emergency Vehicle"

Now what would someone do with a car that is mocked up to look like a police car? Well this mocked up "emergency vehicle" tired to pull over a real police officer.  Police say an officer was driving down the street when Forbis came up behind him with flashing red lights emitting from a light bar on the top of the vehicle. The officer first though it was another emergency vehicle trying to get through, so he moved to the side.  But then the car darted across the road and turned into an alley because Forbis probably had an oh $h!^ moment and realized it was the real police.  So the officer noticing the car was unmarked and he turned his own lights on and followed Forbis and pulled him over.

Forbis told the office that he was pulling him over for a citizens arrest for speeding. Forbis was booked on suspicion of false impersonation of a police officer, driving under suspension, driving under the influence, and having an expired tag.

Forbis later posted on his Facebook page  that he was not impersonating an officer but put the light bar on his car as part of his neighborhood watch duties. He said admitted that installing a light bar on his car because it was the only way he found that would slow people down in his neighborhood. He said officer was driving 10 to 20 miles over the speed limit with no lights or sirens.  "I have only the utmost respect for the officers that respect the laws," he wrote.

Well I guess the courts will decide on that one. But a word of advise, you better come up with a better excuse than that. lol!

Another twist in the news item was about the car itself. The Tulsa Police department first stated that the SS was a Chevy Impala LS. 

But you know those hardcore SS owners. They went off on the post, not only saying it was a SS and not an Impala, but talking about VIN numbers and looking things up at the DMV. Give them hell SS owners! lol!


What was even funnier was the Tulsa PD page was even talking back to the public with attitude and making revisions to the posting.


They even posted this...


And of course there were "those people" were getting into arguments on the never ending debate, that it was a "Holden" and not a "SS". How can we not have a debate without bringing that up. lol!

Though this is probably the first Police Facebook page I have ever seen interact this much with the public just to do research on a car. lol!  The bottom line is no matter what kind of make and model car, no one should be driving around with a light bar on top of their car pretending they are an emergency vehicle, never the less pretending to be a cop.  I guess live and learn for some, nothing like a good life lesson.


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