Some of the best Christmas Stocking stuffers for Pontiac GTO, G8, Chevy SS and Holden Lovers that you can find on Amazon!

We all love to get things for our cars!  And we all know someone that loves cars too!  We also love to get things fast when we order them.  Everyone knows about Amazon.  What most don't know about are the interesting things you can find on Amazon especially when you are last minute Christmas shopping! 

like this cool flash light key chain... who wouldn't put this on their keys?


or who wouldn't put this in their garage?



and we all have seen people selling these HSV knock offs on Facebook groups haven't we?


Well, why pay more when you can not only have it at a cheaper price (because they are probably buying them here anyway) but have it in less then two days! Given these are knock offs, but hell, why not for a great stocking stuffer joke?

Anyhow, we found lots of products on Amazon that would make great last minute stocking stuffers!   We made it simple to check out some cool things we have seen or actually bought in the past through Amazon. Some parts are fakes, some are knock offs (which i bought just to compare real ones with fake ones) and other parts are aftermarket reproductions.  However, some are legit GM parts like licensed hats or shirts or parts people have made on their own like signs and other trinkets. 

Keep in mind we do not have any affiliation with any of these companies, but they do carry parts related to your Pontiac GTO, G8 and Chevy SS.  I thought it would be great to share these links with you just in case you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet!

Have a Very Merry Christmas! 

























HOLDEN "replica" ITEMS










All parts above are purchased though Amazon and has no affiliation though Maverick Man Inc. Maverick Man Inc. is not responsible for purchases though Amazon.

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