BUYER BEWARE! More Knock off Maverick Man Carbon Parts EXPOSED!

Well if it isn't one guy trying to sell some carbon hoods (which totally failed) or some other guy selling knock off parts, its another.

Lately we've seen another Facebook seller reselling eBay China parts. These guys literally 3D scanned one of our original parts to try to manufacture it overseas like in this post here:


They literally admit to copying it in this post by obviously showing their 3D scan.

Then that company that manufactured that part posted on facebook asking someone to test fit it. Which tells us they didn't even have an SS to design it from. lol!  

This is the lip HERE that they copied with the 3D scanner. 

Here is another photo of ours which we have had for years. 

Here is the knock off copy they did with the 3D Scan 

it looks the same but its not. if you zoom in on that photo you will see a major difference!  


Look at that weave! This might have been acceptable back in 1999 but this thing has more waves then the last Hurricane! 

Now compare our weave below to that monstrosity above. Keep in mind these are customer photos! We hate to see what their part looks like in person. lol! Even from the looks of it the edge isn't even straight.  


As much as we hate watermarks, we have to use them because these losers might try to use our photos again and say it's theirs. 

We also might add, good luck on trying to get it to mount right.  Ask them to show you the back side of their lip. lol!  It sure won't look like ours. This is what a real Maverick Man Carbon Chevy SS Lip looks like. Ours is a pre-preg full carbon and clear coated product. Don't let knock off sellers tell you theirs are pre-preg because it won't look like this nor is it clear coated. 



WE also found out that these guys on Facebook buy their parts from an ebay company. Yes, you heard us correctly an ebay company called Extreme Online Store located in Fremont California.  The above post also confirms this. If you look up this company on ebay you will see the same GTO parts these sellers are selling you on facebook. The facebook seller is just an ebay reseller and nothing else they make nothing. 

Well let's expose them a tad more. 

Look at the person they bought it from in the text on the bottom of the photo.  So wait, all this guy is doing is selling something you can already get on ebay? lol!  Capitalism is great, but really, you're giving money to someone who is just buying them from ebay and then literally having them ship it to you?  Making you pay friends and family so you cannot get your money back when you get this shoddy product.

This facebook reseller also partners with another known seller on facebook for peddling Alibaba parts all over facebook and calling them his "own". This facebook seller has stated in the past that they use the "same distributor" as us.

Well thats funny. If that was the case they would need to buy everything through us since we don't buy from any distributor and we manufacture our own parts lol!  In addition, if these losers did use the "same distributor", then why don't they have any Maverick Man Carbon parts? Why would you need to literally 3d scan our parts if you can just get them already?  And if you use the "same factory why doesn't your crappy spoiler fit and ours does". lol! Yeah another little lie that you think people will believe.  

We also caught this guy red handed calling his so called carbon parts, "his" parts. We first noticed something fishy when they never answered or ignored all questions asking where parts were from or where they were made. Gee... we wonder why?

We looked on their website and found this hood which they have been peddling on the CTS-V groups.


And look what we found on the China website Alibaba!. They even used the same photo. 

All their steering wheels also come from Alibaba. Look it up and you will find it! Same weave and design. 

These facebook sellers need to take BS 101 because these guys are horrible at lying when the facts are right there.  

How bad are the parts they sell? Well, let's just say they don't even own any vehicles you own nor know anything about what they are selling you. So much so, that they made a spoiler that doesn't even cover all the holes in the trunk. lol!  we will get to that in a bit. 

For example,  there was one point where we called them out for using a GTO with our Lip on it.  They tried to copy our front lip for the GTO and they couldn't even tell the difference between the part that they sell and ours. We called them out on this socially and they truly believed that was their part. Why? Because they have no idea what they sell and never saw what they sold in person because its all resold and shipped directly from the ebay seller. 

Here is that posting where we call them out making up stories and of course playing victim for their own BS. 


Note: we love how they guy said that he is living rent free in our heads yet he posts on facebook anytime someone talks about us. We think he has that backwards. For example look at this post here:

Someone talking about our spoiler yet they like to chime in. Rent free eh? Again, you guys got that backwards lol!  Also notice as stated before, those two circled are Bed Buddies.  And of course they are still trying to spread some lie they know use the same manufacture that makes our parts. Again if they did, their parts would actually fit and not look like ass. And we don't do deposits on those you idiots and they are in stock right HERE.

What is even funnier about this post is while these two losers are trying to make up some story on this post about manufacturing... the Original Poster of this post writes "Round 2 (IYKYK)" what does that mean? It means this is Round 2 of getting a SS spoiler and "if your know you know" and what we know is this;


You cannot make this stuff up! These losers sold this same buyer in both posts (look at name in post) their spoiler that didn't fit right! OMG! Yet they have the nerve to make it about them, like they have the best stuff in the world and wait, didn't they just say they are using a so called same manufacture as us?  Really come on guys if you did, your spoiler would actually fit but you don't and resell eBay Parts. Nice manufacture there. lol! 

And the comment about how different years of Chevy SS mount different, that has nothing to do with their poor design. We will get to that later. 

So good try losers at another failed attempt of thinking people will believe you. 


Now back to the story about them using a car with our parts on it.  Here is our response to his oblivious lies below. AND the best part of it all is the customer who owned the car actually stepped up and said it was our lip on his car and the photo he was using was our lip. WOW so this moron got all huffy on something we were correct on? lol! BUT they still played victim. 


Again FACTS don't lie!


However this is not the first time these guys were caught using photos of parts that aren't what they are really selling. How do we know? See this post here:


In this Instagram post they were caught showing a APR Diffuser which was literally an APR photo and selling their ebay resold Knock Of Version of it, making people think it was a real APR Diffuser when it was obviously not. 

They also posted it on facebook as well, even calling an APR Part


How do we know these are fake parts? One they are not a APR Dealer. You can call APR yourself and ask them yourself.  Two, we sell APR splitters and GT 300/500 wings and we are an Authorized dealer for them.  We know the people at APR Performance. They told us they do not sell to them and told this guy to take down their photo which obviously they used. Just like when we told them to stop using a photo with our parts on it.  Like us, they got mad at APR when they filed a copyright infringement with Instagram. But as always, they got mad even though they were the ones stealing the photo and lying that the parts were APR. 

Here is their response to to APR. 

So that response is basically saying, they don't care what they show you and what they actually send you. If they could, they would probably call their knock off SS lip of ours a Maverick Man Lip. 

This same person also sells these cheap GTO spoilers which we have seen in person at the infamous Holden Run.  They are not only horrible quality, but they don't even fit right. Not only are they resold eBay parts, they are on eBay right now. Just search GTO Spoiler.

Don't believe how bad their stuff is? Just look at this post here on Facebook regarding ours vs their products. 


What are they talking about exactly? 

This right here: 


Can it get worst? Hell Yeah!

They couldn't even cover the whole second hole! lol!  Guess that is what happens when you try to make parts for cars you know nothing about. This exact spoiler above was also a knock off of the BattleAero spoiler we carry. But of course they failed at that too.  Since these guys are infamous for spreading lies and playing always playing victim, we always love to show everyone what they are actually getting. 

This brings us to their latest abomination. 

Check out this so called Carbon Fiber SS Spoiler form ebay .

As always, this same ebay spoiler is resold by the same seller on facebook. 

The photos are even the same photos. Wow just wow!

Remember how we mentioned that these guys don't even own these cars. Well here is another prime example of that. 

Look what people received. 

Nice exposed holes there! lol!

An Isolated incident? Nope!

Wow just like the GTO ebay spoiler.  EXACTLY the same issue. When some customers approached this seller after they bought them they told them the following:



Notice how this eBay reseller says it "Mounts different". So their excuse is that 14-15 years mount different then 16/17 years. Now that may be true how they "mount" different, but that has nothing to do with this poor designed spoiler that does not cover the holes in the trunk.   It is not the mounting, it is their poor spoiler design period. This ebay spoiler will not fit on any 14-17 SS without leaving the holes exposed. 

How do we know this? Well we own an SS and we R&D all years before making and selling anything which any good designer or manufacturer would do. These copycats obviously don't. 

But what is even funnier is if these guys have any IQ they would check the part numbers on all year SS trunks to actually see if the holes were different on them. 

Since they have an IQ of our shoe size we will show them AND everyone else how dumb they really are and what kind of lies they are telling customers that years "mount different"

This is straight from the GM website -- the part number for a 2014 trunk.


Notice the part number 92508801 

Now lets look at the GM website again at the 2017 SS trunk. 

WOW that is interesting the part number is ALSO 92508801

Yet if you look at any post this seller puts up on facebook now it states "fits 16-17" 

So yes they really don't care what they sell you. Again that big warning sign is they will ask you to pay "Friends and Family".  Wake up and smell the roses. Big SCAM city! 

So another lie exposed! lol! If the trunks are exactly the same, the ebay re-seller is obviously lying to customers that they "Mount Different" or only fit 16-17 years, even though all year trunks are the same and exposed holes have nothing to do with how it mounts. Nice try looser! lol!  

This is the way a SS spoiler should look like. 

This isn't our video either, it was made by a customer of ours and you can see the original post here: and read his comments about his install. 

Lastly, let's look at another actual Pontiac G8 lip they resell from the ebayer. They call it carbon fiber and clear coated but its NOT! 

This Pontiac G8 lip is 95% fiberglass and is actually glued together. You can see the excess glue marks in this video below:

It is also not clear coated by any means either. It is 100% a gel coat with maybe two layers at most. 

So if you believed this fake news that this is a clear coated and a full carbon lip, you better reach out again to them and set them straight. But then again you chose their part over ours. Hate to say it, you got what you payed for. 

Here's even more truth -- this facebook seller was recently banned from posting anything for sale on those facebook pages. Gee we wonder why! lol!  We would have thought the people that ran those pages would have done this years ago. But those guys aren't the brightest either. lol! Either way this tells you these pages were getting so many complaints about their parts, they had no choice but to remove them.  

Unfortunately, these crappy carbon guys always pop up and it will probably happen again. This is the 4th attempt to try to break into our market and they won't succeed. Just like all the other facebook sellers who failed and moved on to rip off the next guy in another market because their name was mud within this community.

Honestly, we don't care about people selling in our market. In fact, we have many great relationships with many manufacturers large or small.  However, when these facebook and ebay sellers copy our parts, use photos to falsely claim what is theirs, and spread fake news about our parts like this post here:

We will always expose them for who they are with pure facts! And for the record to prove that "3 Year" statement yet false again.... just go ahead and check this link HERE. hum looks like a hell of a lot of hoods in three years. Wow how dumb does this eBay seller look now. lol!  We also think this even funnier when they post about their eBay parts all people can talk about are our parts. 

We also know these sellers will cry victim "Maverick said this" Maverick said that" with a facebook post somewhere.

Their "woh is me" is like a husband who beats his wife and blames her for it. All we say is we hope they do post something! More traffic to our website! lol! 

The bottom line is DO YOUR RESEARCH before you buy anything. There is a reason why Maverick Man Carbon has been around since 2007 and is still the number one seller for Carbon Parts for the platforms you love! 

Maverick Man Carbon > Facebook eBay Resellers. 





We received one of those SS spoiler from that seller Eric. He told us exactly what you wrote. We have a 16/17 SS and the holes were still exposed. This guy was totally lying though his teeth. It wasn’t worth the hassle to work with this guy. He made it sound like he was doing us a favor. We just ended up reselling the spoiler to someone else who didn’t care about the holes and took the loss. We did end up buying the MavMan spoiler. The MavMan one is 100xs better quality then this eBay spoiler they sell.



Bought one of those spoilers. As in your story the spoiler also did not cover the trunk holes. Got a bunch of BS from the seller saying they mounted different. Should have went with yours. Live and learn.

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