Chevy SS in Texas gets AR15 Pulled On Them

Road Race in Texas. But in this case Rouge Rage. Get it "Rouge" rage lol! okay that was bad. 

Anyhow, it seems this white truck pulls up behind a Black Chevy SS (badged as a Holden and of course sporting our Exclusive rear LED Taillights shameless plug) and dark blue Nissan Rouge with a temporary paper plate 2151J93 at a stop light. 

(Note to self... your supposed to stop before the crosswalk not in it).

The driver in the Rouge gives the driver of the Chevy SS the middle finger and probably exchange some words. 

Then reaches over to the passenger side set to pull out what looks like a AR-15 possibly an AR-15 pistol. (UPDATE) Rumors on our Instagram Post state that it could have been just a Orbeez Gel Blaster Gun.

and points it at he driver not once

not twice

but three times. 

Then the driver of the SS rolls up his window. Though we wonder what the window will do between the driver and a bullet. lol! 

The left hand turn signal turns green and the SS proceeds to go left while the Rouge driver jumps to probably follow him if he went straight, even thought he light was still red. 

Though we do not know the back story on this video and exactly what happened, we did come to the conclusion two things.  One there are cameras everywhere so don't do stupid things. And two... we've be mad too if we had to drive a Nissan Rouge everyday too. lol! 

See the video here:


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