Cadillac brings exhilarating news for enthusiasts of the V series line who have a passion for gasoline power!

In a surprising turn of events, Cadillac has announced that it will continue to offer gasoline-powered vehicles in its lineup even beyond the year 2030. This decision marks a significant shift from the company’s earlier stance, which was to transition entirely to electric vehicles (EVs) by the end of the decade.

Cadillac’s Global Vice President, John Roth, stated that electric and combustion cars “will coexist for a number of years,”



acknowledging that the automotive industry does not follow a straight line and that customer preferences are paramount. The luxury automaker plans to adjust to market demands and consumer feedback, ensuring that customers have “the luxury of choice” when it comes to their vehicle’s powertrain.

The move has sparked a reaction among Cadillac V-Series enthusiasts, who have expressed their discontent with the brand’s push towards an all-electric future.


The V-Series has long been synonymous with high-performance and luxury, and the thought of losing the visceral experience of a gasoline engine has left many fans feeling unsettled.

Cadillac’s commitment to electrification remains strong, with plans to introduce a full lineup of electric models by 2030.


However, the pace at which the brand will phase out internal combustion engines is now expected to be more gradual. The company’s current EV offerings, such as the Lyriq and the upcoming Celestiq, showcase Cadillac’s dedication to combining luxury with electric efficiency.

As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, Cadillac’s strategy reflects a balance between innovation and tradition, catering to a diverse customer base that values both the past and the future of motoring.


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