Exchange of Gun Fire in Attempted Theft of a Chevy SS Sedan

A Silver Ice Metallic Chevy SS Sedan was the target of a grand theft auto attempt that could have ended in disaster for the car enthusiast owner.

The vehicle, which was parked on a street in the wee early morning, was protected by an OBD2 Lock, a device the owner had installed after a previous theft incident.

The would-be thieves, armed with a blank key and intentions to hijack the car’s Onboard Diagnostics port, were met with an unexpected challenge. The OBD2 lock, a seemingly simple but formidable device, created an unbreakable barrier, preventing the thieves from programming a new key.

This event underscores the value of OBD2 locks as an essential defense against the advanced techniques used by contemporary car thieves.

The situation escalated when the thieves failed to disable the car’s alarm system. The confrontation led to an exchange of gunfire after the owner stepped in. While such confrontations are not advisable due to the potential for harm or fatal outcomes, the incident highlights the owner’s exasperation with the lack of preventative measures against such crimes in this area.


This incident is a stark reminder to all vehicle owners that proactive protection can be the most effective strategy.

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In the ongoing fight against vehicle theft, adding layers of security is imperative. The unharmed Silver Ice Metallic Chevy SS Sedan is a testament to the owner’s vigilance and a symbol of staying ahead in the security game."

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