Chrysler and Dodge are Dead

Special commentary blog Presented today by Bob Beck who is the current Announcer at Irwindale Speedway, CA and at GASS (Great American Auto Scene) and tons of knowledge in the automotive scene since 1974! 


Chrysler and Dodge are Dead

I see a lot of posts praising the new Dodge Challenger 170 for it's speed and technical advancements, but what I don't see is the dismay over that fact that Stellantis

who's Major brands are Fiat, Peugeot and Citroën have announced this is the end of the Challenger and Charger vehicles and the popular Hemi V8.

The 3 major players in Stellantis were all failures here in the USA. They are now KILLING Chrysler. Why drop a popular series of vehicles and engine line? Why stop offering what is selling and has demand?

Some will say that they are leading the way into the future with Electric vehicles. BS! Plain and simple! The mandates for EV's are 12 years away. Why do you stop selling what is popular with a high market demand?

Stillantis is totally out of touch with reality just like their top brands were when they tried to sell inferior products in the USA before.

Think I'm wrong? Then you don't know their history. The Stellantis lesser brands left the USA as well. Opel and Vauxhall , dropped by GM decades ago for the USA market. Alfa and Lancia were also failures. The Fiat 500 Failed in recent years for consistent poor quality.

Peugeot, Citroën and Lancia failed so badly they never tried to return. Poor product in both design and quality.

Stellantis is killing Chrysler off. If the Charger is going away, so will the Chrysler 300. Chrysler is then dead. Dodge is on life support because the two selling vehicles they have are being dropped.

As a MOPAR enthusiast I was appalled when our government gave control of Chrysler to Fiat in the first place. I saw failure in the future as eminent.

How is it our motoring press has overlooked this for so long?

Don't tell me how good these European brands are in their home countries. They have been failures here and have no clue what this market or buyers want.


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