The Camaro is DEAD AGAIN!

Remember back in 2002 when GM killed the Camaro? We do! 


In fact, at SEMA we personally overheard the heads of GM at SEMA talking with editors from Motor Trend saying they were cutting the Camaro to focus on cars like the Monte Carlo and the Cavalier.  Well you all know how that turned out for those front wheel drive pieces of crap.  That's right... Ford Dominated the years when the Camaro was non existent selling 620,005 Mustangs!

Well GM we had a "Ford Light Bulb" turn on eventually and GM had a big come back with they debuted the "Camaro" in the movie Transformers in 2007,

to actual production in 2009 which sold in numbers as much as 106,987 in one year alone.  Its production generation with the Zeta Chassis had full total of 623,826 units between 2011-2015! Compared to the 6th Gen Monte Carlo coming in at best with its best 4 years combined at 247,949. Well guess that didn't work out so well for you now did it GM?

Well the Camaro is DEAD AGAIN! 

According Chevrolet Press Release today, the rumors of the sixth-generation Camaro will end production will come true after the 2024 model year. The last Camaro is set to roll off the line at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant in January of next year while having Collector Edition models revealed later in 2024.  While there seems to be no direct replacement for the Camaro, Chevy promises that "this is not the end of Camaro’s story.” 

Rumors say it will come back as an SUV to rival Ford Mach-E. With that said, it can't be anything great because we all know it will be electric too.

Our final thoughts?  GM didn't learn the first time around, do you think this time is any different?  While looking at GM stock today, it fell a few points after the announcement because we think shareholders feel it's the wrong direction.  To top that off, GM always has some not so "bright ideas". Just a few months ago  GM's marketing team to hire influencer @itsdanielmac to do his "What do you do for a living" to Mark Reuss (President General Motors) while supposedly coming up to him randomly and asking "What do you do for a living?"... yeah that wasn't "staged". 

Does GM really think that any person that following that influencer can really afford a $104,295 car? We think not. 

Lastly we all know that GM is known for killing great ideas! So just add the Camaro to the dead list of great cars GM produced like the Pontiac GTO, Pontiac G8 and Chevy SS Sedan and soon to be V Series of Cadillacs. 


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