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Being in this business, I often get asked, “Do you know anywhere I can take my car to do this or that?” People want someone reliable; someone they can trust. Leaving your “baby” in the hands of a stranger can quickly turn into a nightmare if the person is an incompetent idiot. Personally if I need work done on my car, I always want someone who actually works on or specializes in that vehicle.

I met Nathan Bush after he purchased one of my Carbon Fiber Diffusers for his Twin Turbo GTO a few years back.

During that time Nathan was “hobbying” around and tinkering on cars at home. Somehow it evolved over time into having up to 5 cars parked in front of his house at any given day. Of course you know what happens when you are the only person on the block that likes cars right? Yup. Nathan got slapped with a hearty fine by the City for operating an illegal performance shop from home! Now Nathan had a choice to make. Give up his seedling business, or take it up a notch with a real legitimate operation. For the first time in Nathans life he was truly inspired by what his future could bring.


I named my shop "The Garage" because that is where this all started for me: in the Garage.

The Garage is a newcomer in the world of domestic automotive performance and is located in Corona, California.

When I asked him if he went to school for this he said, “I’m fully self-taught, and love the opportunity to teach others and share the excitement of modifying and building cars. I want my shop to be known as the place you go for the most insane builds and highest horsepower combinations in California, and that is exactly what I'm up to building here."

The Garage specializes in building high horsepower domestic performance vehicles, including full engine assemblies, camshaft shaps, turbocharger installations, all forms of power adders, classic car resto-mods with modern drivetrains, exotic fuel delivery systems, flex fuel conversion, and many other areas of automotive performance.

390 LS boost ready iron block.

The business is growing rapidly and is an official dealer for many of the industries top manufactures like Comp Turbo Technology, Fore Innovations, and Deatschwerks. The address is 410 Princeland Court Ste 3, Corona, Ca 92879. Nathan Bush can be reached at (949)232-9521

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