There is good photography and then there is GREAT photography!

I met 26 year old Cody Waters from Cincinnati, OH over a year ago by complementing on some of his photos I found on Facebook.  We discussed photography and some of the techniques he used as well as ones I used myself.   Within the last year, I have seen Cody's skills getting better and better.  It was refreshing to meet an authentic photographer in a world where many people call themselves "photographers" even though they aren't that great.  As a published photographer myself, I know that lighting and composition are two key elements for a great photo and I admire anyone who can knock it out extremely well.   Cody is one of those people.

Cody got into photography 5 years ago by "just messing around."  He started doing landscape photography to show others what he saw in things, then added cars in them after a while to spice things up.  Amazingly, he only became serious about his photography for the past 2 years!  He said,  "As I started to take photography more seriously, I blended my love for cars into that.  I've been doing everything I can to improve since."

As stated before, lighting and composition are crucial elements in Cody's photography.  However location is also very important (amateurs take note).   Cody says, "I really prefer industrial, urban/city/architecture, and run down or old buildings.  I also love to use architecturally interesting things in the background to help draw the viewers eye to the car as well as make the picture more interesting and pleasing to look at.  I also like to shoot at night... it gives me a distinct challenge to lighting cars."


Cody does most of his shooting in or around downtown Cincinnati and some in northern Kentucky from time to time. 

Keep up the good work Cody!


You can follow Cody here:

Instagram:  @codywatersphotography

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